Date night, plus more Otto

This is a strange weekend for us. Old What’s Her Face* has to work on Sunday. Tomorrow we’re going to get the camper ready by draining all the antifreeze and whatnot. That means date night was tonight.

We had the prime rib special at Kahoots. I had a couple of nice beers too. The Huckleberry ale I had was pretty good; golden and scented like ripe berries. It tasted a bit like a Belgian style beer, which I really like. I finished my evening with a thick dark beer I really like called Irish Death. It’s kind of a staple at Kahoots.

I passed on the bread pudding, because my stomach said so. I get acid reflux if I have sweets too late in the day. They have the best bread pudding in town though.

After dinner, we went to a PetSmart down the road. We wound up spending more than we did on dinner. Otto is getting more active every day, and this includes chewing. He likes feet, chairs, hands, the lawn, rocks, pretty much everything he can fit in his mouth. My goals were something he can chew like a Kong toy, or a rawhide bone.

I’ve learned my lesson about bully breeds and rawhide, so I picked one out that was too big for him to swallow. Once he makes it mungy, it goes in the trash. I got a Kong toy too. Then I picked out a little squeaky ball for bath training. My wife is going through the the toys one at a time. Why wait is her motto.

He went insane over the little squeaky ball. I took an iPhone video, but WordPress doesn’t like it. I’ll try it on Facebook after I finish this update.

Here are a couple of Otto images for everyone.

In this first one, he likes the laundry room.

I picked out these shorts for you

Here’s one with his new ball, and I wish I could get the video to load.

Busy day tomorrow with the camper. Then I have to do two things associated with Lisa Burton Radio. Sometime this weekend I have to work up critique submissions for my group. I’d like to write some, but it may wind up being micro-fiction if I do any at all.

*Entertaining Stories: Protecting my wife’s identity since 2013.


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25 responses to “Date night, plus more Otto

  1. I like to use YouTube for my videos. Easy to use everywhere than only WordPress. Wish I could have seen it though, dogs are so much fun to watch. Love their enthusiasm! And yeah, I laughed at spending more on Otto than dinner — so true. 😆

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  2. A productive day. I keep thinking a Kong toy is some kind of stuffed gorilla that’s bigger than the dog. So, what happens with bully breeds and rawhide?

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  3. Had to pop into FB to check out the videos, too. He’s so frickin’ cute. ❤

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  4. Otto is just far too cute! 😀 Kahoots sounds wonderful – I lurve Belgian fruity beers too! 😉

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  5. The vids are so cute. I checked them out on Facebook. The one with the blue ball is my favorite. He’s got so much energy and he’s so cute!

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  6. Ali Isaac

    He’s so cute! Can’t bieve you went dog toy shopping on your date night! He’s totally spoiled! My Indi used to chew everything. He especially loved shoes and stealing Conor’s work shirts off the washing line. He was so naught and so cute. Glad he’s settling a little now though… about time, he’s nearly 7!

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  7. Went over to FB. What a cute guy in Otto.

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  8. Like the artwork!! Sounds like a fun time with Otto.

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  10. Awww…you’ve just got to make him a hero in a story.

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