Life in Ottoland

It's Wednesday, and I need a topic, so Otto the bulldog puppy it is. He hasn't lived here a week, but he's fitting in well.

He moved from lonely and pouting to happy and bouncing off the walls in just a few days. I tried getting a cute video, but my videography skills are lacking. This would have been of my wife scratching under the sheet and him pouncing on her fingers.

He likes to chew on everything, mostly my feet. This is no surprise, because puppies chew. We need to get something he can call his own to chew on. He has some puppy toys, but they only draw sporadic interest.

I threw one of these plush toys at him when he tried to chew on a cabinet. He stopped, but I learned that he's a pouter. He stared into space and wouldn't look at me for a good half hour.

He also likes keys. I have no idea why, because he can't chew on them. Maybe his breeder took them for drives or something.

When he walks he looks kind of like a horny toad from above. For those who don't know, this is the horned lizard of the American West. It's a staple of little kids everywhere (everywhere in the American West that is). Their little butts wiggle as they walk, and so does Otto's.

He wound up on his back a few times too. He's a bit like a turtle when he's on his back. It takes a few wiggles to right himself, but he is capable of righting himself.

My wife took him to meet the veterinarian this afternoon. This was part of our agreement with the breeder, and a good idea anyway. The vet gave him a perfect bill of health, and a microchip. This is also a good idea, because some people steal cute puppies. The breeder took him to her vet before she brought him over, and he's gained two pounds in five days. (I can relate.)

So there you have it. Otto is fitting in around here. He barks at ice cubes, eats like a horse, and is gaining confidence every day.

I promise to work on my camera and video skills, and next time I can have some images for you.

Okay, so it was a lame excuse for a post, but it's Wednesday and I've got nothing. I know it would be better with a picture, but he doesn't stay in focus very long. I'll work on it.


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34 responses to “Life in Ottoland

  1. Do they make rubber keys or something like that for him to chew on? I’m not up on dog toys.

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  2. It’s a perfect post. I was thinking about him today as I gave my Captain a bath. He was so cute at that age…well, they all are 🙂

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  3. Puppy posts are not lame. 😀

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  4. I like it when you write, care not about subject, it seems. I look forward to Otto photos 🙂

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  5. My dog Peri was a power-chewer as a puppy. I would have gone broke buying her chew toys, but luckily figured out that a few pieces of dry dog food rattling around in an empty plastic milk jug worked just as well. And for longlasting chews, the best thing I found is antlers. They are shed by deer, and then there is a company that picks them up, sterilizes them, and cuts them up for dogs. They last a loooooooong time and my dog loved them.

    More puppy pix please!

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  6. Sounds like the same shenanigans that go on in our house on a regular basis. Only difference, mine’s an eighteen month old human. She currently emptying drawers whilst intermittently running around screaming with delight, then clearing off the top of the toy box, climbing onto it and organising a set of Russian dolls. I better get breakfast ready!

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  7. ‘He barks at ice cubes.’ Just when I thought he couldn’t get any cuter 🙂

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  8. I’m glad he’s fitting in. He is so darn cute that any post about him is bound to bring droves. 🙂

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  9. Oh, I want pictures, but even just hearing about Otto and puppyland makes me smile. I’m so glad he’s adjusted and making himself at home!

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  10. Aww…love the Otto stories. I’m living vicariously through you, so keep ’em coming. All our dogs loved Kongs and Chuck-Its. They make puppy-size Kongs, which are so adorable. You probably know this. Yes, get working on some pics of that little cutie. Can’t wait to see his beautiful face again.

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  11. Ali Isaac

    He sounds adorable! He’s certainly got you wrapped around his little paw already, from the sound of it! Enjoy… they grow up so quick!

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