Big changes at my house

They say time heals all wounds, but it really doesn't. Wounds leave scars. This isn't a bad thing, because they are part of our makeup. These can be physical or emotional scars, it's really all the same. I wouldn't trade my scars, but it's nice when the pain dies down.

I get up every morning and look for the old pitbull. He isn't there, and I miss him. He used to lay by the front door every day at 3:00 even after our last one graduated. He still expected someone to come through that door when school let out. We're all creatures of habit. I come home from work and glance around even though I know he isn't there.

I've had a dog ever since I was a small child. I've had as many as three at once, but I've never been without one before. It isn't a lifestyle I would recommend to anyone. There have been times in my life when the dog is my only friend. Bad day at work, angry wife, unpaid bills – the dog still loves me.

Sometimes the wound requires a bit of help. Some kind of elixir to speed things along. Sometimes it's a simple cure, like a good beer or a good book. Sometimes it isn't. This time, only a special kind of help is going to work.

Therefore; meet Otto:

Otto is a bulldog puppy. He arrived this afternoon, hand delivered by the breeder. These lovely people drove over from Burley. While it's still in Idaho, it's several hours from here. We also got to meet Otto's brother who is on his way to a family in Nampa today.

My wife and I looked at many breeds, but most of my dogs have been some kind of bully breed. We considered a bullmastiff, another pitbull, another bull terrier. Ultimately we decided to go for the original version.

There was a huge shopping trip last Sunday to get ready. We needed a new dog bed, some food, toys, dishes, the works. I never keep the old stuff, too many memories. Otto got all new stuff, for a new era in our lives.

We have high hopes for Otto. His “mommie” left us with several toys, a bag of food, and a blanket that smells like his brothers and sister. She also gave us a cute puppy book, and a stack of baby pictures of Otto prior to meeting us. We've been looking at videos she sent us for a couple of weeks, and the cuteness factor is pretty overwhelming.

So far, we've explored the back yard, learned where the food and water is, and had a tiny snack. It's Otto's nap time right now, and maybe I'll join him.

If you really need me, I'll probably be down on the floor somewhere with my new friend.


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73 responses to “Big changes at my house

  1. Ali Isaac

    You big softie! He’s very cute!

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  2. And the adventure begins. Otto the Adorable. Congratulations on the new pup. Hugs.

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  3. May you fill the space
    with this winner
    put a smile on the face
    of the one in the mirror.šŸ˜‡

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  4. He is so cute. There goes the night’s sleep for a while

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  5. Aw, he is super dang cute. šŸ™‚

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  6. He’s adorable. I’m sure you’re in for plenty of adventures with him. How old is he?

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  7. How cute one can be? Wishing you many happy years together!

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  8. OMG, he is so frickin’ adorable!!!! I know what you mean about the empty house. I’m not used to it all. Actually, I hate not having a furry baby around. If we were to get another dog, I told my husband I wanted a bulldog. They’re so smart and cute and easily trained. OMG, how’s his puppy breath? Best smell ever!!!

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  9. That is one cute dog! Hello Otto šŸ™‚

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  10. I’ve always been reluctant to get a new best friend when mine passed away, but a family member always forces me into it, and then I’m like “why did I wait so long?”

    I’m glad you have a new best friend. He’ll love you forever and never get mad at you.

    Will he show up on Easter Island?

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  11. Oh my goodness, Otto is adorable! šŸ™‚


  12. I got a puppy yesterday ā¤ļøā¤ļøā¤ļø

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  13. Congratulations on the new bundle of joy! ^_^ I had never had a dog before until we got Sumo, and now I can’t imagine life without him. I totally understand your feelings–no matter what your furry little friend is always there.

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  14. I scrolled down after reading (and I’m not even a huge dog lover) and I just smiled and chuckled. Really adorable puppy. Have fun!

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  15. Well he’s just precious. Get prepared for slobber kisses. I have mixed feelings about replacing Captain when he goes. Greg says Daisy will need a friend to keep her company. I’m sorta feelin’ we need more freedom to pick up and go without the worries of doggie sitters. Time will tell.

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  16. What an adorable addition to the family!!

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  17. Oh my goodness! Otto is adorable! (though I guess you know that šŸ˜€) So pleased for you that you have a new furry friend. Have fun playing!

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  18. He’s adorable! And what a lovely name too – it really suits him šŸ˜€ So glad you’ve opened your home and heart to a new canine buddy. Otto’ll take the pain out of remembering your lovely pitbull as well – but I think you’re doing the right thing with getting all new stuff for him. Have a wonderful honeymoon with your little 4-legged friend! šŸ˜‰

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  19. oh he’s so cute! I wish you all of the best luck with your new friend and all of the potty training to come. They really are the best, most loyal friends. šŸ™‚

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  20. I’m giddy for you! He’s adorable!!! I grew up with both dogs and cats. The felines came later and, although cats are now my pet of choice, I have never lost my love for dogs. What a great name, Otto. I’m sure he’ll settle in just fine (you have me thinking about getting a kitten/cat as I’m still petless). I’ve never seen a bulldog puppy before. I could just reach through the screen and give him a big hug. What a fun Memorial Day weekend you must be having!

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  21. We’ve never had a dog and we’re planning to get one this summer. Bulldog has always been high on the list.

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  22. What fun! And I know what you mean. I can never go too long without a cat.

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  23. Otto is beyond ADORABLE! šŸ™‚

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  24. Otto is as cute as he can be. I’ve always remembered one of the professors in college who owned a bulldog. He thought the world and all of the dog and used to speak fondly of him. I wish all of you happy days ahead with Otto. šŸ™‚ — Suzanne

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