Ah, Flex Day…

I enjoyed visiting with my parents this weekend. I always have to choose to a degree, and spent most of my time with Dad this go round. We still all went to supper, and we all had breakfast together on Sunday.

My wife and I had some shopping to do on Sunday after everyone left. I'll tell you more about that in a future post, but it's all good.

Today became my time to do something on the writing front. Finishing up the short story I'd worked on for so long opened up the flood gates.

Lorelei, the Muse sent me some cool imagery so I wrote it all down. I don't have a story to go with it, but that's exactly why I keep notes. It's like some people wake from dreams and write down thoughts so they don't forget. It's all about roots and cocoons, and stuff. It should have a use somewhere, someday.

I didn't do any review for my novel in progress, so I skipped writing it. While making the story notes, I reviewed my short fiction list. I managed to write two of them today. I'll call them micro-fiction, but one of them exceeds 1500 words. I could probably get away with posting it on a blog, so I'll tag it as micro-fiction.

I intended for one of the stories to be a fantasy, but kind of missed the requirements. It's something else, even though it has the medieval setting. I'm not going to mourn the fantasy idea, I like the way the story came out.

The other one is science fiction, and I really like it. As a micro, it may even deserve a follow up story. Can I get away with using the character again in the same publication? Maybe. Place one early, and another one toward the end?

Right now, I have enough shorts and micros to publish another Experimental Notebook. I'm a little disappointed that fantasy didn't make this round. I love fantasy, but never did write gobs of it. That doesn't mean I'm finished though, and one may turn up.

Summer has always been a dry spell for me on the sales front, and even though it's still raining and windy, Summer is upon us. Based upon my past, it makes no sense to release anything until school starts back up. That means I can keep writing and stockpiling short form stuff.

Most of it needs some kind of edit or polish, and I can also fiddle with that during the summer months. Then I can separate everything into three piles, Experimental Notebook II, Macabre Macaroni for the blog, and salvage for reference.

I wound up with a couple of tales that don't have a speculative element in them. It isn't unheard of, but I don't know exactly what to do with them. I like them, and should share them somewhere. Maybe I'll include them in a future Notebook, but make them extras. Meaning a dozen speculative tales, plus two free ones. Something like that.

I still have a long list of short form tales to write, and some of them are demanding keyboard time. I'll probably slow down now and pick away at one during the evenings.

In other news, I worked on a future Lisa Burton Radio slot and sent it back to the author. If any of you would like to get your character interviewed by Lisa, drop me a line. The instructions are at the top of my blog, and have their own dedicated page.

It's approximately noon here now. The bills are paid, the shopping is finished, I managed some writing time too. I may just veg out, but I'll probably play with my banner some more. I never got any comments on this one, so maybe something else will spark some interest. I have an idea or two in mind.

Back to the grind tomorrow. Hope you're all having a great Monday.


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22 responses to “Ah, Flex Day…

  1. Good point on the summer slowdown. I guess a lot of people are running around and not attached to a Kindle those days. Curious to see what’s going to be in the next Experimental Notebook. How are you going to title it?

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  2. I meant to comment on your banner, but by the time I read the post I was fixated on something else. I love the starburst!!! Enjoy the rest of your day whether you decide to veg out or write.

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  3. Sounds like a good day!! I always count any wordage as a good day. How many short stories do you average in each collection? I’ve done only a few short ones. I’d like to do more in the future but for me, it’s like poetry, an idea has to commandeer me. I think it’s wonderful that you can do these collections!! I admire anyone who can pull collections together!! Oh, and is the bright light in the banner a shooting star? Or the doorway to another world?

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    • Experimental Notebook has a dozen short stories and micro-fiction pieces across the speculative spectrum. I added in what I called an intermission to explain who I am. I also included a chapter of a novel called Will O’ the Wisp. My art skills may be lacking, but that’s supposed to be a Will O’ the Wisp in the banner. I only have the one collection, so I can’t claim an average.


  4. I immediately thought of your Will O’the Wisp when I saw your banner, but I have not read that book yet. It reminded me of your cover and how you described it in the swamp. I think it’s intriguing.

    As I am getting closer to getting this book out, I’m learning more about the industry and seems like summer is a bad time to publish. I’ve even had some thoughts of holding onto it a while.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is that people are gone. So many people who I followed and engaged with aren’t blogging anymore. At first I thought it was me, as I was basically absent for six months (except for commenting on a few blogs), but fact is many aren’t even out there anymore. I’ve got to really work at connecting with new folk.

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    • That is so true. I have a lot of friends who just gave it up for whatever reason. I miss them too, but new ones seem to come along. It’s almost like dating in a way. You leave a comment or two at their site, then you notice they never visit yours and move on. My regulars are absolutely wonderful, but it’s the interaction that keeps me going. I will hold on to everything until September from now on. Summer has always been bad for me. Look for something from me in September. I may have to push Wisp and Playground in October again, because it seems like the right season.

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  5. I hadn’t noticed the change to your banner, but now I do! I couldn’t tell what that little critter was, but now after reading through comments, I see it’s a will-o-the-wisp. That’s a cool banner change as the weather warms because (for some reason) I always imagine those glowing lights bobbing about in spring and summer.

    Congrats on all the shorts and micros you’ve got stashed away. I’m working on a short right now but it’s not cooperating. I think I need to ponder it some more and pick at a few of the threads.

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    • I stashed the wisp and put Gallicus the cockatrice up now. I’m not happy with him though. His colors seem to fade in the area of his face. I’ll have to look into him when I find the time. I stash my short stuff now. When I revisit it I can often spot what isn’t working out. It usually involves trimming stuff that isn’t needed.

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  6. I missed this yesterday and for a couple of days, the banner seemed to go away.

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  7. Let’s try this again. My old computer is misbehaving. Did I tell you how much I like your dinosaurs? They are fantastic! Summertime seems to be a period of great distraction – vacations, visitors – my attention span shrinks. Glad to see you are planning ahead!

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    • Glad you like the wallpaper. I probably ought to go looking for whatever June’s wallpaper will be. I’m going to dabble at my novel, and keep producing short form until I have enough for another Experimental Notebook. That’s my summer plan.

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