Just popping in

I’ve been slacking off on my blog duties lately. Things have gotten busy across multiple fronts.

My parents are visiting this weekend, and the women all decided to go shopping. I always have to choose whether to hang out with Mom or Dad. Dad won’t run around the mall anymore, and I really don’t blame him. We’re hanging out while I work on some projects and we visit.

I managed to set up two guest posts, and need to set up at least one more. I’ll work on it, but may put it off until Monday because it doesn’t have a tight deadline.

I’ll probably turn on the Preakness Stakes later today. Right now, I’ve found a pulpy old science fiction film. Dad and I are watching The Lost World from the 1950s. These are the kind of movies where they took real iguanas and monitor lizards, glued horns and fins to them, and called them dinosaurs.

These movies are so bad they’re fun. The group is a trope these days. There’s a dinosaur expert, a news reporter, native guides, and a city woman. There’s always a woman. They have no luggage, but she always manages to look sweet, have her hair fixed, and wear flawless makeup. She even manages a change of clothes or two. Her job is to ask questions for the men to answer, and scream whenever a dinosaur shows up. I’m sure she’s going to need rescuing at some point. Maybe multiple points.

One of the guides carries a guitar. Deep in the jungle with nothing useful, but he has a guitar. Hollywood had something musical in every movie back then.

They even managed to find a cavegirl. Movie cave girls never manage to be old, fat, or have missing teeth. She’s their prisoner, but no logical reason why is ever given. She escapes and they chase her so we can see more lizards dressed up for ComicCon.

Swanky city girl falls down, screams a lot. She never tries to get up and run away, because women in the 1950s never thought of that. Plus if she ran away she wouldn’t need rescued.

There was a man eating plant too.

There was a scene where one of the native guides went crazy and ran away screaming. A simple slap made him all better. A slap cured mental disorders in the 1950s. I expect quicksand to show up any moment.

Two of the dressed up lizards are fighting now. Today the cops would throw the film makers in jail for cruelty to animals, and justifiably so.

Honestly, I love this stuff. People would crucify me if I wrote a story like this, but I’m having a good time watching this movie.

Okay, so I can’t write a story quite like this, but I have a short story that kind of pays homage to this kind of thing. No lost worlds, or dinosaurs though. I really should add something like this to my short story list. I could avoid making it too tropish, and I would be expected to have a real plot.

Films and books like these were the parents of many popular films and books today. I can see shades of escaping the Poseidon Adventure, Jurassic Park, The Goonies, Indianna Jones, and many others here. Ancient pulpy stuff makes for good fertilizer.

I did get some cool poster images in mind for Lisa. She might make a great scream queen, or cavegirl someday. I don’t know what I would do with them, but something may come to me.

No idea what we are doing tonight, but I’ll be busy doing something with my parents. I’ll try to check in tomorrow.

Is anyone watching the Preakness? Do any of you like old pulpy science fiction? Do I need a mental health slap for enjoying this kind of thing?


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  1. I’m watching the Preakness. As a former horse owner, I can’t get them out of my blood. (Jumper warmbloods not thoroughbreds)

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  2. I think I’ve seen part of that movie. When I was a little kid, I was changing the channels while unsupervised. I saw ‘dinosaurs’ in an old movie. I vaguely remember a part with lava near the end and I think one of the guides got eaten. Want to say by something that came out of the lava, but I could have mixed everything up. The whole thing freaked me out because I didn’t consider dinosaurs would eat people prior to seeing this.

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    • This stuff was pretty impressionable to a little kid. Things are different today. I remember my daughter watching The Mummy when she was just little and she thought it was cool. I remember my parents telling me how terrifying the black and white Frankenstein and Dracula movies were when they were young. I have a boxed set of the old Jules Verne movies from the fifties. I may watch them again for inspiration.


  3. I’m now considering a career as a Slap-Counselor.

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  4. It’s not my thing, but you know, whatever floats yer goat. There’s an audience for every genre, who am I to judge? I like The Twilight Zone and Hitchcock Presents, but not to the degree of fandom.
    It’s cool your parents are visiting. I’m looking forward to mine coming in this summer.

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    • I have a bunch of Jules Verne movies, and a TZ boxed set. Oh, and Hitchcock films too. I may drag out Mysterious Island or 80 days and watch them again. My parents are fun people, and I am lucky to visit them on occasion.

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  5. No, yes, and no 🙂 …

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  6. I’ve never been a huge sci-fi fan, but I did like Men in Black. The old pulpy ones? Haven’t seen them, sorry.

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  7. Those old movies are great! Even though the woman does always fall down in front of the monster at least once. I take it as an ‘ism’ from the times and try to do better in my own stories.

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