Wearing down today

I backed up and read the stuff I wrote yesterday on my novel. This is something I always do before writing. It's reasonable, and flows well enough. I managed to hack out maybe six pages total.

I know I've been at it for days, and I might be fading a bit. I feel good about using my time well, and I accomplished quite a bit, so no complaints. I wrote about +/- 28 pages in three days. I should have tracked word count, but I just didn't this time.

I took some time to thin Asian and European pears before it got too hot. God those Asian pears set a lot of fruit. None of it will grow if I don't remove about 80% of it.

I also removed some fire blight on the European tree. It's supposed to be a resistant variety, but fire blight is bad stuff, so I removed it anyway.

Mostly, I spent the day finishing the book I've been reading. This one took me a long time, and that's not the fault of the book. I only get limited quality time, and then have to allocate it to writing or reading.

I may drag my feet before picking up another book to read. I need to finish some writing projects, and I have others screaming at me from the back of my mind. Whatever I read next is likely to be a short story or novella on a camp out.

All told, it was a pretty good staycation. I have to pick my wife up at the Boise airport late tonight, and assume tomorrow will be filled with distractions.

It looks like most of you have lives. The Internet was pretty quiet today, and I hope you all got to do something fun.


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16 responses to “Wearing down today

  1. I just got back to the ‘net and it did seem like it was quiet. Maybe it was the good weather or an alien conspiracy. Sounds like you’ve been working hard though.

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  2. Sounds like you got quite a lot done. I had a lazy day. I managed to relax and fall asleep on the sofa, like on accident. Of course, just as I realized that, the phone rang, the child kissed me before leaving, the dog licked my hand…I’m glad my husband was home to witness all this, which, in my opinion, is the universe conspiring against me getting sleep! Heh.
    We ended up childless and watched a movie, got calzone take-outs — Nice 🙂
    I’m still jealous you have Asian pears. I love those things, and they are so pricey, I feel like a queen when I eat them 🙂

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  3. Sounds like a productive day. I did do something fun. Magical, really. I watched my youngest granddaughter take her first steps. I can hardly believe it happened. Three tiny steps, and my heart is so full of joy it’s about to burst.

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  4. That sort of work is good for the soul. I’m way behind in my reading. Not the book’s fault here either. I’m fining starting ANYTHING new rather difficult right now. So much seems left undone. It’s now going on three years since I penned the first words on NA. Time to shit or get off the pot.

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    • We’re a lot alike that way. I like to finish projects, not stockpile and move on. I need to finish my short story, but I’m stalled right now. When this one is finished, the rest will flood out. I can’t move on until I’m happy with the unfinished one.

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  5. You made some real progress. My fun yesterday was replacing a bathroom mirror. There was one installed by the builder. (one of those square stuck on the wall kinds of things) Of course, when I took it off the glue took the first layer of drywall. Had to replaster. Today is paint and install. Putting is a custom oval mirror with burnished nickel frame and finials. So not mush fun but rewarding. Also watched the movie CREEP. Interesting. Handheld camera and only two characters. Only an hour and a half and had a 96% on Rotton Tomatoes.

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  6. I’ve only had asian pears once and I wasn’t keen, but I shouldn’t judge on just once, I don’t know what they’re supposed to be like so I don’t know if these were under-ripe or over-ripe, or just not good for some other reason, so I’m willing to try some of yours when they’re ready to see if I like them.

    My weekend has mainly been housework and cooking, which probably sounds very dull, but I’m quite a homebody and am really quite happy just pottering around the house doing things like that. I’d have made a great 1950s housewife. The main reason I’ve just been doing that though is because yesterday my brother and his wife came round for dinner, and tonight a friend is coming round for dinner. Both are just casual dinners, but the prep for such things always seem to take me a long time anyway.

    Sounds like you’ve been pretty productive.

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    • That sounds nice too. Having company over is almost a lost art these days. My family was like that growing up. Now the kids all want to text during dinner and the conversation seems to get lost.


  7. I’d be happy about those 28 pages. That’s awesome!

    Saturday was party day for me and it was a blast. I did zero writing this week, but hope to at least eke out a blog post in the next day or two. Sometimes you just have to take that break 🙂

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