Making progress today

I don't want to take anything away from my guest post today. Make sure you visit today's radio spot and check out City of Hope and Ruin. She's been tearing it up today, so make her feel welcome. I wanted to post on my staycation progress.

I made a screaming tour through Blogland and social media this morning while the coffee brewed. Then I started in on projects.

I cobbled together the next Lisa Burton Radio post and sent it for final approval. Haven't heard anything back, but there is still time. It's likely to be scheduled for next week.

I managed to write seven pages of The Yak Guy project. Honestly, I wanted and expected more. I guess I'm out of shape mentally. The next phase of his growth is about to begin, and I don't like writing the transitions. The new players are just about to enter the story now, in fact one of them has been seen but not introduced yet. It's a decent place to stop, because I'm excited to get back to it now. Besides, I get to beat the crap out of him next. Fun fun fun. Last section he got to have sex with his dream girl, now he gets to meet her father.

In keeping with my Tarot personal challenge, her father is The Emperor the other guy represents The Hierophant. I'll probably minimize The Emperor and spend a little more time on The Hierophant. Readings never expect to give full weight to every single card. Later on, I'll have to minimize The Hermit too. Nobody wants to read five chapters of Ted pondering the meaning of life.

I worked through the critiques I received on The Yak Guy project. The group all seemed to like it, but they said some cautionary things, and it feels like good advice. Yak Guy Ted is being put in a lot of uncomfortable situations and is forced to evolve. This is good, but it's also passive. I need to get Ted driving the action. He's just about ready, and has to a degree. It's a really good caution though, and I may have to address it in rewrites. I still want it to follow the Major Arcana, and The Fool can't be a mover and shaker until he's ready.

I also managed to get Jason Fogg out of trouble in his new short story. I still have to figure out what he's going to do to the bad guys, but I'm in no rush here. I don't try to set deadlines for my short stuff. The only issue is several other characters who want their short stories to get written. I refuse to start them until I finish this one.

I wasn't the best blog buddy today. A few months ago I created a list I called “must reads.” These are the people who I really enjoy, and 99% of them visit Entertaining Stories and interact. I actually follow over a thousand blogs. I like surfing the headlines and reading the stuff that jumps out at me. If I want to get anything done, I limit myself to the list. That's the kind of day today was.

Tomorrow I want to rough out the next-next Lisa Burton Radio interview and send it out. I need to move The Yak Guy ahead, and will to some degree. I may even finish with Jason Fogg, but it isn't required.

I really wanted to watch The Diamondbacks play tonight, but the damned thing is only on a channel I don't pay for. Greinke vs Cueto too.

I'll probably return to the novel I'm reading instead. I need to get on with that too.


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15 responses to “Making progress today

  1. Interesting how some people want a protagonist to be in control of events. At least that’s what I think you’re saying. This really does make sense for a character, but I would like to see how a protagonist can function when they’re barely even aware of the adventure. Trying to think of an example, but coming up blank.

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    • It’s not unheard of. Disaster movies where the pilot is the only one in control, but a passenger is the MC. Yak Guy will drive the action long before the end. He starts off like plain white chicken breast. He could be anything, but he needs some seasoning. I try to avoid characters who pick up a weapon and are immediately proficient with it. That’s where the Hierophant will come into play.


  2. NA hit a point where my protagonists were constantly reacting to things happening to them rather than being proactive or taking action to get the bad guys. My editor called me on it and we worked through it. Funny how you may not see that sort of stuff when you’re writing your story, but it’s obvious to someone else. Gotta love critique groups. I soooo wish I had a better one here in Orlando. I just joined the local Florida Writers Association and they meet on first Wednesdays, but I haven’t had a free first Wednesday in a couple of months. Need to make it a priority.

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    • I swear this can all be done online now. Keep the live one, but a handful of friends around the world can exchange say 3000 words every month.

      I’m not going to let Yak Guy do things like pick up a weapon and instantly be a ninja. He needs to learn along the way.

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  3. I subscribe to all my faves via email (although I’ve got a few hold-outs who don’t offer it) and I do the same as you — if it piques my interest, I read. If not, oh well, maybe another time. If I don’t read people for a long time, or they stop comin by, I unsubscribe.
    I struggle with perspectives, maintaining distance where and moving in where. I hate when the story goes passive, because as a reader, I know that’s when I’ll either 1) skim or 2) get mad and wonder why I had to suffer through the dumb crap. *sigh*

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  4. I had better luck today too. Been nursing a sinus infection/asthma inflammation. Haven’t got much done this week, but trying. The YAK Guy sounds interesting. I think learning at his own pace seems reasonable. As long as he’s being active. That doesn’t necessarily mean ninja stuff/just growth. 🙂

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  5. I missed this yesterday. I’d say 7 pages on Yak Guy is pretty darn good. And it sounds like you’ve got a good group giving you input. I think critiquing is so helpful. I had to back out of my local group because it was too much for me to keep up with but I’ve worked with CPs online for years and I completely value those extra sets of eyes.

    Don’t you hate it when they put stuff on channels you don’t pay for and then the ones you do get nothing but crap?

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    • My eyes feel like someone burned them with lasers today. Combo of too much iPad and allergies. I have some good drops and am about to tear into writing again. I hate it that Baseball is trying its best to alienate the fans. Some sports are broadcast regularly and are more popular now than “America’s pastime.” These include pro wrestling, auto racing, golf, etc. they did this to themselves. My team lost anyway.

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      • So it could have been aggravating watching I guess. I still hate cable providers 😉

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      • Cable or satellite providers suck. America has demanded all carte programming for decades. They insist on bundles that require you to buy 10 channels for every one you want to watch. Then it’s 87 religious channels, 94 home shopping channels, and you finally get to watch The Walking Dead.


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