Having a Book of the Month with Rave Reviews Book Club by Mae Clair #RRBC

Mae explains some of the benefits of the Rave Reviews Book Club from her perspective. I’ve posted about this before, but you might appreciate what someone else has to say.

From the Pen of Mae Clair

Graphic promoting A Thousand Yesteryears, a novel by Mae Clair shows book cover and close-up of an old tree in a foggy woodlandsMy blog tour for A THOUSAND YESTERYEARS finished yesterday and I’m surfacing for air. My publisher has another tour running through the end of the month but as that one is straight promo, I didn’t need to write any guest posts. Blog tours are fun but also exhausting.

I’ve had a lot going on for the last month and for the first time, made more commitments than I could meet. I was unable to finish a short story I’d promised for a western anthology. As a type-A personality,
I hate not meeting deadlines or failing to complete something I promised to deliver. *sigh* Lesson learned.

Rather than look at what I failed to produce, I’d thought I share some accomplishments with this blog post.

I now have a book cover and a blurb for A COLD TOMORROW, book 2 of my Point Pleasant Series. The scheduled release is December of…

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3 responses to “Having a Book of the Month with Rave Reviews Book Club by Mae Clair #RRBC

  1. Many thanks for the reblog, Craig! I had a blast as a book of the month, author! 🙂

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