Do I dare call it a vacation?

My wife is on her way to St. George, Utah. Her plane was delayed by over an hour, but she's in the air.

I took a vacation day tomorrow, and I have a rotating day off on Friday. That gives me four days to get something done. My wife will return Saturday night though.

Tonight I'm going to update this blog. Then I'm going to tackle something before I go to bed. I have two radio interviews to work up, so it may be one of those. I may dig into my critique responses, but something.

The big sale for The Playground ended. I sold a few, but it isn't as big a deal as it would have been in 2014. Things seem to be changing, and I feel a little bit lost again. Rumor has it that nothing is selling all that well, and maybe it's just time to dig in. I've always had my best sales in the Fall, and I might wait until then before I promote too much more.

My book club bought many of the copies, so I have high hopes of getting reviews when they ultimately get read.

The last time my wife left town, I watched a couple of Marvel movies with my son. We don't interact much, but we had a good time. This time, I bought a copy of Deadpool, and since neither one of us had seen it, figured we'd do the same. When I woke up this morning, the wrapper was gone, and the movie wasn't where I left it. Turns out he found it last night and watched it without me. I feel kind of snubbed.

My wife hates it when I make plans, so she guaranteed that I have to watch the Grandkids one night. I swear I'd be better off to take a tent into the woods and write until the battery dies.

Doesn't matter, tomorrow is all about the Yak Guy. I'm going to add words to that story come hell or high water. I may even dabble with some short fiction when my head gets too tired of that project.

I also have reading to catch up on. I'm really enjoying the novel I've been reading, but it's taken me weeks to get through it. This is because of all the tasks I take on and not because of the book. I'm going to finish it though. I may have to look for some short stories after that, because I can get through them easier. Later this summer I can probably take on another novel.

In other news, I still have fruit trees to prune, thin, and spray. I have to earmark some time for that too. I'm looking forward to not going to the office, and getting some of my projects finished.


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27 responses to “Do I dare call it a vacation?

  1. Have fun with the long vacation and good luck with the workload. I’m scratching my head about the sales. While nothing is budging, I’ve received a few messages about people buying books and the sales never show up on my stats. This seems to be in regards to the Pre-Order, so I don’t know if that makes a difference. The whole thing is just frustrating at this point and I hope releasing a new book will jump start something.

    Got my copy of Deadpool yesterday and saving it for Saturday night after a long family day.

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    • Those pre-orders will stack up and all download on the day the book drops. You can check them where you look at your reports. I got radio bit sent for approval, and that may be it for tonight. I’ll probably read the last two chapters of Yak Guy before bed. I usually read back to get my head in the game for writing.


      • Thanks. I wasn’t sure how that worked and was starting to worry that something was going wrong. Would be nice to get some type of notification though. I do the same thing with reading to get my head back into an old story. Though I’ll admit that I prefer to work on a first draft without big breaks in there.

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      • I prefer that too, but it’s never realistic for me. At least I’m not one who takes years for each one.


  2. Ha, ha! Don’t jinx it!

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  3. You should watch Deadpool anyway, it’s great. Yeah, time management is such a hard thing to get right. Enjoy the vacation.. and try and remember to have some fun. 🙂

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  4. Vacation is a state of mind… and it sounds like you’ve earned it! Have fun.

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  5. All those days off in a row should be productive. Sounds like you have a lot to do and a lot to choose from. Enjoy the time off. I’m jealous! 😀

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  6. Feel better, no one’s kids would wait to watch Deadpool.
    I hope you enjoy the time off 🙂

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  7. Ali Isaac

    Enjoy your precious writing time! I’m so envious. I’d love to have a couple of days where I had nothing to do but write and take care of myself. Make the most of it!

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  8. Hope you get done what you want done.

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  9. I’m so sorry your feelings were hurt. Totally get it, though. Have you thought about writing your son a letter? The power of the written word works wonders. Building memories is important, IMO. Enjoy your time off!

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  10. Hope you get lots done!! Hang in there about the sales, I’m sure things will change.

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  11. Isn’t it funny how these “staycations” somehow get filled up rapidly with all sorts of stuff. Haven’t seen Deadpool yet, but my son and daughter both recommended it,

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