The Playground by C.S. Boyack for #99cents! #ASMSG #Horror

Charles hosted news about my sale today. Please give him a visit and consider following this outstanding blogger and supporter.

Legends of Windemere

The Playground by C.S. Boyack The Playground by C.S. Boyack

Charles invited me over today to talk about my newest book, The Playground. My 30 days are up, so I can hold a 99¢ sale now, and I’m doing this to help move a few more copies.

I wanted to write something using epistolary style. This is where old documents and manuscripts help reveal part of the story. I pondered on various plots for a long time, but nothing quite jelled for me.

Then an old movie called Pulp Fiction came on the television. I liked the idea of interwoven stories that helped tell a bigger story. This led me into a research binge that involved more Tarantino films, and some Frank Miller comics and movies.

And so we have The Playground. It involves a power-mad businessman who created a social network for children. He placed the devices inside dolls, action figures, and plush toys…

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9 responses to “The Playground by C.S. Boyack for #99cents! #ASMSG #Horror

  1. Your header is getting crazier every time I see it lol!

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  2. LOL Lisa is peeking around the main bust. So cute!!!

    I loved Pulp Fiction, too, which is what lead me The Playground. Great way to describe the tone.

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