Book Review: The Playground by CS Boyack #RBRT

Here are a few kind words about The Playground. Check it out and see if it might be for you. It’s on sale for 99 cents through the 11th.

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I chose this book to read from Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team book list.

This supernatural fantasy thriller essentially describes three different vignettes: a six year old girl, Chloe, who wants the hottest toy out, a Playground Doll. A doctor who works with terminal patients and a muscle man who is for hire to criminals as an enforcer. These three different parties eventually merge into the main plot which is about a ruthless businessman, Tommy Fazio, who has created the Playground Dolls and their network, which works via WiFi for dark, dangerous and mysterious means.

However, for Tommy to achieve his ultimate goal he needs to get his hands on some software which will take the Network Dolls to the next level, but his programmer has gone missing and has taken the software with him so he hires Clovis to track him down.

Dr Grace Greybill, is happily taking care…

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9 responses to “Book Review: The Playground by CS Boyack #RBRT

  1. Congrats on another great review for The Playground!

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  2. What a nice review! 🙂

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  3. Congratulations Craig! Another wonderful review. 😀

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