I should have been an oracle

At the beginning of winter, our furnace died. This required us to finance a new furnace and coil. We're still paying for it, and probably will be for years.

I predicted when it happened that we were creating a jalopy. We had a fifteen year old air conditioner attached to a brand spanking new furnace. I announced that the air conditioner would fail as soon as we turned it on.

Sometimes, being right isn't all it's cracked up to be. It turns out a replacement air conditioner is even more expensive than a furnace. The compressor is shot and cannot be repaired.

My wife is going to look into financing options. I kind of wanted to replace my old dog, but that may have to wait until next year. Even regular meals might have to wait until next year.

If I managed to sell 5000 books in the next 30 days that would help. My oracle vibe is telling me that won't happen.

There is an air conditioner in my truck. Maybe we can set out there this summer.

Why don't I get oracle vibes about the right lottery numbers, or even the Kentucky Derby?


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55 responses to “I should have been an oracle

  1. This falls into the when it rains it pours part of life. I would think hard on how to sell 5000 books since that might have better odds than a lottery win. Hope the weekend goes well.

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  2. Oh, great Craigodamus, what is your next prediction? Had to try a joke. Seriously though, is there a place that might be having a sale on older, but still good models? That’s how we got our new unit. That and a really good coupon at a local place.

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  3. Oh, that just sucks. Or blows. No wait. It cannot blow. I’ll stick with sucks, then.

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  4. I thought you bought a trailer last year? Doesn’t it have a working AC? 😉

    On the “sale” idea, maybe check for a Habitat for Humanity store. We got our trash compactor for a song.

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  5. Sorry to hear. I’ll see what I can do to help.

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  6. I sympathize. I know this all to well, lol.

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  7. When we lived in central Illinois, the air-conditioning unit for our old victorian was out back. They say lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice, but it hit that AC three times in eight years. Finally our insurance company insisted on buying us a scary-intense new furnace/AC combo unit that dominated our ancient basement like a chrome-plated god overlooking a primitive world.

    The next year, lightning struck the house and took out every piece of electronica including phones, computers, TV… and furnace/AC unit.

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  8. Hahaha! We find ourselves sitting in the truck googling consumer reports frequently these days. First the washer and dryer, next the TV. I’m holding my breath. Last night my fortune cookie said my fondest dream would come true this year. Yay!

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  9. Just bought the Playground. Now you only need to sell 4,999. lol

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  10. Damn. That’s downright tragic. I have little faith in our furnace, and it’s not even that old. Good luck hunting down the best deal.

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  11. It sucks when things go belly-up unexpectedly (or even expectedly). I remember when our well pump died several years ago without warning. Not fun. I hope things work out for you and you find a good deal that will make the whole thing less painful.
    I’ve got the Derby pre-show on. Maybe picking the winner will be a good omen 🙂

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  12. Ali Isaac

    Hate it when that happens. Everything dies at once, and they don’t make things to last anymore cos they want you to keep buying replacements.

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