Author Talk – Craig Boyack

I got invited to an interview over at Don Massenzio’s blog today. Please take a look, and consider following this great blogger.

Author Don Massenzio

CraigToday we sit down with author and blogger Craig Boyack to talk about his latest work, his influences, and writing in general. Please enjoy this interview with this talented author.

DM: What is the title and genre of the book you want to tell us about?

CB: Thanks, Don. I’m here to tell everyone about The Playground. I’m calling it a paranormal adventure with science fiction sprinkles on top.

DM: Can you summarize your book in one sentence?

CB: No, ha ha. Let’s try this: A social network geared toward children is brainwashing them into a private army.

DM: Who is your intended audience and why should they read your book?

CB: This book has some adult themes, so it isn’t for the kids. After that, it’s for those who enjoy a thrill ride in speculative fiction.

DM: How did you come up with the title?

CB: The network is…

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9 responses to “Author Talk – Craig Boyack

  1. Great interview. Left you a comment over there!

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  2. Thanks again for participating. You received a lot of views on my blog yesterday. I greatly appreciate it.

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  3. Fascinating interview Craig. I enjoyed your answers.

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  4. What a great interview! He asked some tough questions. I was surprised about your answer concerning wrecking the car or not. 🙂 (And if I didn’t mention it before, I love how the cover came out, too!)

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