Chipping away at things

I allowed myself to sleep in this morning. I think I could have lasted another hour, except for my wild alarm clock. There was a duck quacking right outside my window. It's kind of funny when you think about it. I still got to sleep in, but it is what it is. What do you think possessed him to come in my yard and act like that? I expect this out of the tiny birds, but waterfowl should be better behaved.

When I got up, my daughter was already downstairs. Saturday is usually my best writing day, but this Saturday was going to have to be a compromise.

I managed to get my wallpaper changed for May. It is a little bit cramped on my iPad, but it looks great on the Mac. I'm going to assume it looks great on PCs and laptops. I'm sure it never looks good on phones, but I can't help that.

I assembled next week's Lisa Burton Radio post, and it promises to be a fun one. I also spent some time working on future posts in this arena, and it looks like I'll be able to keep it going for a while.

I checked my sales page, and it looks like a few more sales recently, and a few pages read. The sales are mostly due to the Wild Concept sale, but there are a few Experimental Notebooks, and Playgrounds mixed in. The pages read are mostly The Playground.

I received a couple of invitations, and need to ponder them. I love challenging assignments, so I'll have to see what I can come up with here. I have about a third of one in mind, and maybe my Muse will show up and inspire me for the rest.

I found a great new 5 star review for Experimental Notebook. The reviewer said, “Mr. Boyack must be a strange man. I like the way he thinks.”

You know, I probably am a strange man, because this quote gives me great pleasure. I've been cracking up about it since last night. Besides that, 5 stars is awesome! Reviews have been really hard to get lately, so I'm thrilled.

I played around a bit more with my art app. I'm getting a big kick out of messing with the blog banner. I have a bunch of ideas, but not a lot of talent. We'll all find out together if I can pull it off.

I spent some time surfing around for stuff to use in Lisa's artwork. It seems like I have more ideas than money to get the art made. This round is so I can stockpile stuff to use on the blog, Facebook, etc. I have other ideas for specific book promotions. I consider this to be research, but it isn't totally unpleasant. There are a lot of retro pinup models online these days. It kind of makes me want another antique car. I used to have one I took to car shows in the last century.

Other than that, I haven't been very productive. The new issue of Heavy Metal arrived the other day, but I haven't taken the wrapper off yet. My wife wants to take me for beer and pizza tonight, so that's good. I know it's her plan to trick me into shopping for shirts at the mall. I need some new short sleeve shirts, and beer is always good. I'm going to go along with her nefarious plan, and not tell her I'm onto her.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend.


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24 responses to “Chipping away at things

  1. Wallpaper looks good!! Hope you enjoy yourself tonight!!

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  2. Congrats on the review and sleeping in. The wallpaper looks really cool. Terminator vs a T-Rex. Can’t go wrong with that. Enjoy the weekend.

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  3. Have fun shopping, strange man! 🙂

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  4. Weekend is goin well here, thanks!
    That is weird about the duck — rather unusual! I saw a duck on top of a business door today. I’d have taken a pic, but we were passing on the interstate. Trippy though. Wonder what got into ducks today…

    Strange with five stars is a good review!

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  5. Ali Isaac

    You know what? You ARE a strange man… that’s why I like you! Can’t really see the wallpaper on my phone, but love the evolving banner, it’s great fun!

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  6. The wallpaper looks great and so does the banner. It’s fun watching it change. I sure hear you about ducks. My neighbor has three of them, and their quacks echo through the mountain where we live. At first, it was jarringly annoying. But now, it’s sort of cute.

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  7. Wallpaper is great. Banner a hoot. I can’t imagine being roused by a duck. We have Mockingbirds who raise a ruckus. I’m glad one of your reviewers pointed out the obvious. We all love the strangeness. 🙂

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  8. Wow! The wallpaper really pops! And I’ve been noticing the changes to the blog banner. Lots of fun 🙂

    I got to sleep in this morning, the first in a long time. No ducks either, although occasionally we do have a pair that waddle into our yard.

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  9. Nice wallpaper and the banner made me chuckle!

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  10. Ha! I hope you got plenty of beer and she got plenty of shopping done. 🙂 The blog looks great! 😀

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