Sharing the Love in the Writing Community

Re-blogged from Crime Writer Sue Coletta.

Before I start sharing the love in the writing community, I’m thrilled to announce that I have two reference guides available. This officially makes me a hybrid author. Yay!

Murder methods60 Ways to Murder Your Characters, which many of you have, is now available. But I’ve made it even better. On this blog I’ve given away 1,000 copies of the previous version. It was time to turn it into an ebook and give it shot in the Kindle store. My hope is that it inspires your inner dark side. Mwahahaha… Creating the covers were a blast, too. I *might* be slightly addicted to publishing my own stuff. Non-fiction, anyway.

Looking for inspiration on how to murder your characters?

With this handy research guide, no longer will you need to search for ways to murder your characters, or stare at a blank screen while you mull over the character development of your antagonist. Many of the murder methods listed in 60 Ways to Murder Your Characters come with ways you can use them in your novel, short story, or flash fiction.

Read more here…


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