It’s never enough …

This has been a busy week at Entertaining Stories. We had quite a diverse bunch of guests, and I even managed a post or two myself.

I kept busy today, but they were little things. Little things add up, and I've learned to pay attention to them. I started off bouncing from project to project, and got myself a little bit worked up. This is my MO when I have a lot to do and no plan for doing it.

I'm sure many of you know this routine. Check blog comments, share the most recent guest post on social media that WordPress doesn't automatically feed into. Check the other social media anyway while you're at it. Look at one of the works in progress, check back with social media. Answer email. This spiral is the perfect recipe to get nothing accomplished.

I caught myself this time and, after my daughter went to work, forced myself to focus on just one thing. I worked up a Lisa Burton Radio draft and sent it into cyberspace. Check something off the list. That caused the email to load, and I found another request for a radio questionnaire. I sent that off too.

If you would like Lisa to interview one of your characters, she's waiting to hear from you. Drop an email to Coldhand (dot) Boyack (at) gmail (dot) com. The character interviews have been doing quite well, and are getting a lot of support from those who visit. Lisa will send you a questionnaire to get us started.

I opened my short story and added a couple of pages to it. Nothing Earth shattering, but it felt good to be creating fiction again.

I forced myself to address my critiques from our April meeting. This pushed me back into The Yak Guy Project. It's been weeks since I had a chance to look at it, and it feels like time to jump back in. I had every intention of making the changes the day after our meeting, but that didn't happen. There was nothing horrible in the critiques, but it takes time to do the fine tuning. I finished all of that.

I decided I needed some new blog art. I've learned something from keeping my living documents, and how much time they save me. I now keep a folder with ideas for Lisa art, and I have some decent ideas saved up. I contacted Sean Harrington, and he's all ready to go. (For all the new followers lately. Lisa is my robotic assistant and spokesmodel for my writing career. You can follow her on Facebook if you like.)

Keeping up with Lisa takes some effort too. Finding her retro outfits involves some serious research at times. I don't mind looking at pretty girls, but those clothes aren't exactly in the Sears catalog. (21st century catalog anyway.) I have better luck at sites that post Gil Elvgren or Alberto Vargas art. Now I use my other research trick, push feeds. There are Facebook folks who dedicate themselves to old pinups, and retro stuff. Hot rod dedicated sites have proven useful too. Saves me some time.

I have some great images stored for when it's time to have Lisa promote my next books, but this batch is for blogging purposes. They also come in handy for Facebook. It's the same idea as a great book cover. Lisa draws attention, after that it's up to me.

I sent out a tweet mentioning that my new book The Playground is like a paranormal romp inspired by Tarantino and Frank Miller. Maybe that will capture someone's attention. I should make a poster to that effect and post it on Facebook. After I'm finished here, I'll probably do that. Hey guess what WordPressers: The Playground is a paranormal romp that has hints of Tarantino and Frank Miller, if you're interested.

I've been playing with my banner some more. I'm getting a laugh out of the snail moving all over the place, but will need something after that. The Apple Pencil and app make it handy for guys like me. My attempts are pretty crappy, but it's intended to be fun and not fine artwork. More suitable for hanging in the loo than the Louvre.

I suppose it's time to create that Facebook image, and I might get a chance to do some reading. I was inspired enough by PH Solomon's radio interview to read The Bow of Destiny, and I'm really enjoying it.

All in all, it's never enough, but that might be all I accomplish today.


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16 responses to “It’s never enough …

  1. Ali Isaac

    I have days like that… most days, actually! I don’t know how I get anything done. So many interruptions. And everything takes 3 times as long as I imagine. Sigh! Your radio show questionnaire is top of the list at the moment, so you can expect to see that in your email pretty soon. 😊

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  2. Congrats on the accomplishments admist all of the juggling. It feels so good to cross something off the list. I had one of those days today, tackling and finishing a newsletter I plan to send out over the weekend. That’s been hanging over my head for a while so it was great to finally get it done. It seems like there’s always so much we need to accomplish and so little time. Personally, I’m still hoping I can find a way to clone myself and delegate tasks 🙂

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  3. I had a day of nothing, so you did more than me. 🙂 Love that description of The Playground with Tarantino and Frank Miller. That’s a combination that makes sense, but still sounds unique. So, how do the Lisa outfits come about? Are they items you find online or do you make them yourself using knowledge of the styles?

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  4. I’ve had days like that, when I’m so swamped I jump from project to project but never seem to accomplish much. It’s so frustrating. Hope you have a better day. 🙂

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