I’m a day late, but still participating.

Yesterday was recruitment day at the Rave Reviews Book Club. I did a tiny lead in as the host for our Spotlight Author, Rebecca Reilly. I won't short one of my guests on their allotted day, so I'm posting this a day late.

I've mentioned before that I'm a member of the Rave Reviews Book Club. I can attest to the effort this group puts in when it comes to promoting independent authors.

For myself, I've been blessed with multiple promotional pushes including:

  • Two different Push Tuesdays, most recently last week. The members push my books across multiple social media accounts on my selected day. On Twitter alone, I must have reached a million accounts. They are still pushing today, because that's the kind of members we have.
  • I was invited to be a guest on Blog Talk Radio. This was a cool experience, and the shows are archived so they keep getting action.
  • I won a Spotlight Author slot in a contest once. This came with an all expenses paid blog tour, and an interview with our president, Nonnie Jules. These interviews are archived too and continue to get action. This tour also came with a live Twubs chat, and that was fun too.
  • I get to host some awesome blog tours, including our Spotlight Authors. This always brings a bunch of traffic to my blog, and I gain followers every time.

They do a lot of fun things too. They publish an anthology every year, and members are encouraged to submit some short fiction. We held a gigantic blogging event in September last year with prizes and things at each stop. My traffic went through the roof.

The club chooses three books of the month, and there is a President's Pick. (I was a President's Pick once too.) Members are encouraged to read and review these books, and there is a chat where everyone gets together and discusses the books later.

There is a Member of the Month slot, and members are encouraged to read that author, post reviews, and promote across social media for the month for this person.

We recently started a WhatsApp chat room where members can promote free and 99ยข books. This is a great place to find some new titles if you're on a budget.

This is a club on the move. They keep coming up with new promotional ideas, and are always trying new things to help us spread the word.

Members have a few obligations. The annual membership fee is $25. I've paid more for some advertising that produced absolutely nothing.

Members are also required to read and review one member book per quarter. We're looking for honest reviews, and this isn't a club that exchanges five star reviews. All authors know how important reviews are. We have a large catalog, and it still takes some effort to get noticed, but my odds are much better here. If you have a hard time choosing, I can suggest seven different titles. (Joke.)

Some of the finest authors I know are members here, and the club even offers a mentoring program. If this sounds like the kind of support you might like, consider joining us. Here is the link Rave Reviews Book Club.

If you still have questions you can ask me.


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24 responses to “I’m a day late, but still participating.

  1. Recruitment day. That explains a few tweet messages I got. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Great post on RRBC, Craig. I’m so glad you introduced them to me. I’ve been really pleased with all the membership benefits and support. They really are a club on the move always looking for ways to grow, promote and improve!

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  3. Illuminite Caliginosus

    Looks kinda cool. I may have to sign up with you guys.

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  4. It still sounds like a wonderful group. The founder actually contacted me on LinkedIn. I really need to find time to take a look around.

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    • I know you’ve been interested for a little while. I’ll even offer to cover your fee if that’s holding you back. They’ve done a lot for me.

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      • That’s sweet of you. But no, it’s not the cost. It’s finding the time to commit. I’m going in nine different directions at the moment. In fact, I just converted my 60 Ways into an ebook and uploaded to Amazon. Since I’d never done it on my own, it was a steep learning curve to use Calibre. Fingers crossed that I did it right. My next post will be about all the things I’ve been up to. At the same time I figured I’d make good on my promise to plug The Playground. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • That reminds me. When I get around to publishing Practical Geology, you were going to add it to 60 ways. I think that’s cool. I’m looking at Autumn sometime. I’m saving it for another Notebook.

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      • I plan to have a Volume II, and I’d love to the method in Practical Geology. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love that story! Another Notebook is a great idea. I’m working on a collection of shorts, too. Let me ask you, do you go by the number of stories or the overall word count?

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      • My experience is limited to one publication. I wanted both shorts and micros, but I had several ulterior motives too. I wanted to cover all the sub-genres I write in, and to include at least one novel character. This is because I intended it to be a gateway drug to my novels. I stopped at 12 stories, because it felt like a value for 99 cents. I have one bordering on novella length this time, and I may go 14 stories, because two are not speculative, ala Practical Geology.

        Are you charging for 60 ways or is a free book?

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      • I listed it for $2.99, but I may have to drop the price. The only reason I did is because I put so much work into finding the right ingredients for, say, dissolving a body. But I’m thinking $1.99 might be more enticing. I’ve already given away over a 1000 copies (the previous version that you have), so I’m not sure how many more will sell unless I get creative with my marketing. But hey, it’s worth a shot.

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      • I think it’s well worth a shot. There is so much information there, and you’ve established yourself well in your genre. If you want to send me something to post, I’ll help promote it.

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      • Really? Okay, but I need to wait till the morning, so I can lower the price. I didn’t realize it only ended up being 34 pages. Whoops! I might’ve over-reached a bit on price. lol

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      • I’m booked through Friday anyway. Happy to help if I can.

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  5. Craig! GREAT post! And who cares if its a day late…Its never too late to promote this wonderful club! I love your writing style and can’t wait to dive into some of your books! Thanks for being a super supportive member of RRBC !!!

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    • Thanks Blair. My new one could use a bit of help, but it’s a little more violent than my previous stuff. If your sensibilities are more young adult, Will O’ the Wisp is suitable for that demographic. This club has done a lot for me and I’m happy to promote it.


  6. Nice post, Craig. maybe I’ll think about joining.

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  7. I’m already a member, and have had some nice support from them. I do try to do a little promotion here and there for fellow authors when I can, though I think perhaps I follow a slightly different social media strategy.

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