The day I ruined the planet

Old What's Her Face* wanted to buy into a program one of the local franchises offers. Zamzow's is a store that's part feed store, part nursery, part garden center, and part pet store. If you need goldfish, fertilizer, petunias, or baby chicks they have them.

She likes the idea of seasonal applications of various things to make our yard pretty. (All of which Zamzow's will gleefully email her about at the correct time.) We picked out our Springtime fertilizer pellets. Of course she also needed some metal flower looking things to stick in her flower bed. Oh, and some pre-emergent crabgrass killer, plus some stuff to kill off the clover that's been slowly taking over our yard.

I spent the rest of my day first exchanging the hoses I already placed out. Who knew there was a specific one for the front yard, and a specific one for the back? Obviously not me.

Then I had to turn on our sprinkler system. We finally have water in the ditch, and can start using it instead of the hoses.

My instructions were to spread the granulated fertilizer first. Then spread the pre-emergent crabgrass killer. Don't worry, my wife supervised this complicated operation.

My next job was to run the sprinklers through their cycle and make sure all of this granulation stuff got wet.

Only then was I allowed to hook up the hoses and spray a liquid weed killer over the top of everything. Now it has to dry for a couple of days to make sure the weeds are really angry. Come on, we know it doesn't really kill them.

After I completed my tasks, I took a quick bath and am happy to report the drain pipe didn't explode from all the chemicals.

I make no promises as to what this chemical cocktail is doing to the planet. If my lawn ignites in the next few days, I'll try to get a video for your amusement. A steel lawnmower blade, one tiny spark, a whole bunch of miracle chemicals…

I still remember the good old days when I could top-dress the lawn with manure and it looked great all year long. I still think it works, but I was wrong, just ask my wife.

I haven't written any new fiction in weeks. I feel guilty about leaving the Yak Guy to his own devices, and the short story incomplete, but not guilty enough to jump back in.

I would feel differently if sales were thriving, but that isn't the case. I'll probably jump back in sometime this week, but mostly for my own amusement. I really don't feel the need to get another book out in cyberspace any time soon. That will come eventually, but right now I want to take time to plan some camping trips, go fishing with my son, and probably place some fire extinguishers around the yard. Do they sell lawn insurance?

*Entertaining Stories; protecting my wife's name since 2013.


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17 responses to “The day I ruined the planet

  1. Ah, the fun of working outside. I always wondered how weed killers can tell the difference between weeds and grass. For some reason, I thought weeds were simply the plants we didn’t like.

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  2. Our lawn is so full of moss it’s ridunculous! I’m hoping we are going to landscape the garden this year but it’s walled so I can see it getting expensive to get people in who may not becable to get a digger. I hope the run off from your lawn doesn’t effect your fish :-/

    As for no writing. As i’ve said before, we all need a break sometimes and family times is precious and important.

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  3. My husband got it into his head to redesign the landscape. I’m sure he thought it was a good idea at the time. Now, not so much. lol

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  4. Boy, you’re between a rock and a hard place on that weed killer, Man. :/ You can guess I’m not into weed killer, surely that’s no surprise. I dig the unwanted bits out by hand or hoe. However, I have the bad mulberry trees (Thank you, birds.) and I do hack those down and paint their stumps with the most vicious weed killer humans can buy. I’ve also been known to boil the weeds that come through the cracks in my drive…

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  5. Ah yes, the downside of spring. Must take care of the yard. When our youngest leaves for college in a couple years, we’re hoping to sell the house and get a condo. One where no yard work falls on us.

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  6. Ahh, a sign of spring, when everyone begins working on their lawns. We are currently engaged in digging out a bunch of bushes to make room for a paver patio.

    Thanks for a fun post about the joys of yard maintenance. A nice Monday chuckle!

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