Is there anyone in this galaxy who doesn't know I have a new book out today? The tour was really fun, I met some new people, and we had a ton of interaction. The pre-sale period is over, they delivered today and you can simply buy a copy now. Those of you with Kindle Unlimited can read it for free.

At the risk of irritating everyone, you can check out The Playground at this link.

I'm so grateful for everyone who added it on Goodreads, bought a copy in the pre-sale, and hosted a tour spot. I'm also grateful for everyone who reblogged or shared the posts across social media. I'm thrilled about everyone who stopped and left us a comment.

I thought I might write out the whole book of heroes who loaned me their blog space. That isn't particularly good blogging, so I'll just thank my hosts again. If any of you can use my blog space, please let me know.

I'm extremely grateful for my beta readers. They spotted things that really tightened up the story. As writers, we get so close to a project that we can't see everything. Fresh eyes really help with the fine tuning.

It was a ton of work, and most of the posts were written by request. These include the Lisa visits, and several where the host challenged me to something different. Some of the items were pre-written, but even those had to be written at some time.

The good news is that these posts are saved on iCloud. In a couple of months, I can run them out with a tour provider I use, and they'll be fresh and new on those sites.

I'm tired, I'm pretty darned happy, and I'm excited for what the future holds for this book. Hopefully, the reviews will come too.

For my next amazing stunt, I'm part way through researching a different kind of ad campaign. I'll probably run an Amazon campaign too. I need to make some better promotional images to use on Twitter and Facebook. I need to submit my story to a review site or two. This stuff will make up my next task list.

Something tells me I need a day off in there somewhere first. My rotating day off is Wednesday this week, and maybe I'll just pick away at my short story for a few hours. Or take a nap, a nap sounds pretty good.


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30 responses to “Whew!

  1. Nap always sounds good to me. Holy wowzers, you’ve been busy. I got three more query letters out. I’m not doing so well on that front. It’s a lot of researching agent directories and personalizing, and, well, I’d rather be reading or writing or blogging.

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    • That’s the non-fun part of this. I’ve often thought about not promoting at all, because I enjoy writing so much. All this effort doesn’t have any serious financial return. I do it, because I want more readers, the sales aren’t the driving factor.

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  2. I’m so impressed by everything you’ve done. Wow, no doubt you need a nap!

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  3. You must be exhausted. You owned the blogging world for a while there, but release day makes everything worth it. Congrats and enjoy some downtime!

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  4. You’ve definitely been busy. Have to agree that the nap idea sounds great.

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  5. Well done Craig and congratulations! I’m looking forward to reading The Playground. I’m sorry I didn’t join in as much towards the end but this month is going to be busy for me and I have a few projects myself that aren’t running to schedule or suddenly need to take priority. You know how it is! I’ll be sure to leave a review for you once I’ve read the book! Don’t forget to take a bit of time out to enjoy the glory of a new book, it’s something I often forget to do but creative minds need to rest too 🙂

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  6. Ali Isaac

    Good for you, Craig! Taking a break to recharge sounds like a good idea!

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  7. I’d definitely take that nap Craig! 😉 You’ve been reaping a whirlwind these past weeks and now The Playground is right out there for everyone I wish you all the success in the world with it. I’ve got my copy all tucked up in my Kindle so that’s something I’m really looking forward to getting to. 😀

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  8. I picked up a copy of The Playground today. Unfortunately, I don’t see any free time in my near future, so it will be a while before I can read it.

    Did you notice someone released an erotic novel with the same title just a few days ago?

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    • Thanks for doing that. I hope you enjoy it when you have the time. There is no predicting titles someone will use. I can see how it might fit their genre too. Maybe I’ll convert an erotica reader. (Ha)


  9. Amazon delivered mine promptly, and I look forward to the read.

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  10. Let me make you some brownies, and you sit down and relax for a bit…

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  11. Not everyone knows, because I didn’t call my MIL and tell her about your latest book 😉 I thought about it, but then I remembered how she thinks Spiderman is not for children…
    Take a nap FERSURE!

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