One of those days…

I may be suffering from blog tour burnout. I tried to deliver what my hosts asked for, and I've been manic about keeping up with any comments we get. This involved a lot of custom writing, as well as a few things I had pre-written. If I remember correctly, there is one more post and it's a happening place.

I'm sure you're tired of hearing about The Playground by now. Most of the reblogs are to support my hosts. Anyone who comes through here regularly already knew about it months ago.

Pre-sales aren't exactly blowing my doors off either. Notebook sold a lot more copies before it dropped. I don't necessarily think it's the money either, although I admit Notebook is a 99¢ book. I believe it's about time. It doesn't take much time to read a short story, and it's easier to come back to when the next chapter is a whole new story. A novel takes a bit of dedication. Time is a precious resource to everyone these days.

Before I stop talking about The Playground tonight, I made a promotional poster. This went up in a couple of Facebook groups, and I put it up twice on Twitter. It got a few retweets, but no sales. Maybe I need to come up with something more eye catching. I have another one with no logo on it, but it still needs more work.

The rest of the day involved me not knowing what I want. I stalked around social media, and checked the comments on some of the older tour posts.

I shopped for a graphic novel, but nothing impressed me. Too many of them are sliced up into multiple tiny books that you have to buy individually. I would be willing to pay more for one entire story that I can just kick back and enjoy.

I'm not ready to start reading a new novel yet, because I need to dedicate some time. Maybe I'm drawing sales conclusions based upon how I am.

I went through my DVDs and nothing appeals to me there either. It's also date night, but I have no date. Like I said, I think it's all blog tour burnout. It's been fun, and I know it's a fun story. Maybe I'll get a review out of the pre-order books and that can start things moving.

Between manic bouts of social media, I managed to add about 1200 words to my short story. It's taking shape now, and feels more viable today. Everything is about to get rotten for my main character.

I sent out two more questionnaires for Lisa Burton Radio, and hope to keep this a weekly event. I also assembled Thursday's radio show, and it's going to be a fun one.

I feel like I squandered some good writing time this weekend. I avoided my novel project, because the tour was still going on. Short fiction fills the gaps quite well. I'm convinced this was the correct decision, but I still feel like a slacker.

I'm researching a new promotional method, and may take a financial plunge there. Right now I have an email out, and it's the weekend, so I don't expect to learn anything until next week.

So here I am. Date night with no date. I kind of want someone to dazzle me with a cool idea, but it doesn't look like it's going to come from a movie, television, a graphic novel, or a short story. Guess I'll go back to my own short story. Although, there is a new beer in the fridge called Peace Pipe Porter. It's a chocolate porter by Worthy Brewing out of Bend, Oregon. I'm a little leery of anything called Peace Pipe that comes out of Oregon, but I'm getting desperate here.

Hope you guys are all doing something wonderful and enjoying your own date nights.



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23 responses to “One of those days…

  1. That beer sounds delicious. Having a lazy day here. Chores and errands before movie day tomorrow. Been there with days where nothing clicks. I tend to just put Pandora on, lie down, stare at the ceiling, and let the mind drift. Something usually rattles out of the subconscious.

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  2. Again, it was great to have you visit!! Hugs on the burnout. Maybe just getting this short story flowing will restore your spirits.

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    • I never was able to write more than one thing at a time. Short stories and novels are quite different, and now I save the short form for the odd parts of the week, it seems to work.

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      • I’m thinking of trying short stories again but right now, I’m trying to concentrate on this WIP. It is hard to concentrate, for me, on more than one thing at a time too. Although, at times, I can do so with good success. So I don’t think it’s totally hopeless for me in that respect.

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      • It isn’t a requirement that we have more than one iron in the fire. I learned that if my short story is different enough from my novel project that I can do both.

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  3. Peace pipe sounds like a fun swig. I’d try it just for the name and I’m more a wine fan. And you…you are anything but a slacker.

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  4. I’m for the Porter. Spending the weekend spring cleaning…sort of. Reading the the Final Four got me distracted.

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  5. I hope your night improved after this post, and the beer was better than it sounded. It’s cute that you’re sort of lost without the Mrs. Not a bad quality. 🙂

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    • I usually look forward to my solitary weekends. Alternate projects prevented me from doing much writing. Those issues have to get addressed, and this was the time I had available. The beer was pretty good. I had it while watching old Twilight Zone episodes.

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  6. Sorry it’s rough. I can relate for different reasons. Chocolate beer is great. Sometimes you just need to check out and chill, not related to the beer comment. 🙂 Eat some chocolate too, or whatever is your equivalent.

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  7. I think you have to call a staff meeting of your in-house crew and pose the question, “Anyone got a good idea?” You never know.

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  8. I know that feeling. I was too tired to write Monday’s post tonight. So I didn’t. I have no post for the morning. That’s not great. But I don’t want to be a slave to my blog. Which is sometimes how it feels. Sorry you’ve had no date night. Think of it as a chance to kick back and do exactly what you really want to do… when you’ve figured out what that is… 😁

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