The Case of the Possessed Dolls

D. S. Nelson is hosting a post today. Her character, Blake Hetherington, interviews the Chafins. Their daughter, Chloe, was a victim of the Playground Network.

I have a very interesting case to share with you today. As part of my Private Investigator’s qualification I have to complete several case studies. By looking at old cases we can learn some of the tricks of the trade and perhaps start to look at things from a different angle.

I was tempted to use the case Delilah and I investigated a couple of years ago involving some models from the local model village going missing but then, when I was looking for documents to back up my theories of voodoo, I discovered a fascinating case in America which has been dubbed ‘The Playground’.

Worldwide there have been strange cases of possessed dolls containing a social network for children. It may be merely a rumor, but some say there are occult ties in this case.

I discovered that one of the families at the centre of the events was the Chafin family, Rob and Moriko. They were kind enough to let me interview them via Skype. With their kind permission, below is a transcript of the interview, which makes for particularly interesting reading …

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