Guest Post: Lisa Burton Talks About Magi-Tech

Lisa drops in on Charles Yallowitz today to talk about the mixing of technology with magic in stories. She mentions my new book, and gives Charles something to hang in his garage. Check it out, and give Charles a follow.

Legends of Windemere

Today I have a special treat for everyone.  C.S Boyack’s lovely assistant, Lisa Burton, is touring blogs to promote his latest book: The Playground.  She is here to give her opinion on the combination of magic and technology.  As a very advanced robot herself, I’m sure Lisa has some unique insight into this.  Also, I should make another apology for anything Lloyd said when she interviewed him.  Welcome, Lisa.

Lisa Burton Lisa Burton

Hi Charles, thanks for inviting me. Craig said you wanted to know about the mixing of technology and magic in stories.

As a robot girl, I never would have believed it possible, but the more I read the more I come across it. There is a bit of mixing in The Playground too.

This story involves a series of high-tech dolls for children. They contain access to The Playground Network, designed especially for children. These things talk to…

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4 responses to “Guest Post: Lisa Burton Talks About Magi-Tech

  1. Ali Isaac

    I already follow Charles. Hopping over there now. Something you might want to know, Craig… the last few days your like buttons aren’t loading. The sharing buttons are, but not the like and reblog. I dont know if it’s just me, but thought I’d mention it.

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    • More WordPress shenegans. This happened a few weeks ago too. This may be the reason my likes are so low this week. I just checked everything, and it’s set up correctly. It displays fine at my end too. I don’t know how to fix that.

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      • Ali Isaac

        Hmmm…. I’m not having that problem with any other blog. I’m using my phone, so I’ll check from my laptop later. I hate when these things happen. Its so perplexing. Might be worth calling in the happiness engineers if your likes are lower than normal. That would indicate it’s not just me. But wouldn’t your regulars have mentioned it if they were experiencing the same? I’m sure they would.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Not necessarily. I may have to resort to that. I just tried on a couple of machines, but I only know my login data. Reblog isn’t an option (because it’s me) but I can like my own posts.


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