Meet Clovis

It’s time to meet the anti-hero from The Playground. This excerpt is his introduction from the book. I had so much fun writing him.

Planetary Defense Command

Clovis is a character from C. S. Boyack‘s new novel, The Playground. (If I’m not mistaken, Clovis is on the short-list to receive a Nobel Peace Prize this year.) Here is an excerpt from The Playground which introduces him:

The tweaker rushed around the corner behind the bushes, tried to slam the gate shut, and yelled “Get him. Get him!”

Clovis rounded the same corner into the front yard, dropped his small duffel bag in the snow, and crouched for battle. A gangly mixture of bullmastiff and pit bull barked and wagged his tail. Druggie dog, but you’re no threat today. Maybe next year.

The front door slammed and the bolt clicked. Clovis kicked the door open and followed the tweaker inside. He grabbed the man by his collar, as the tweaker picked up a kitchen knife. The man spun and thrust the knife at Clovis’ face.


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  1. And yet another major player is introduced…and makes a huge impression in THAT excerpt!

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