Friday night from my easy chair

The Amazon giveaway for Will O' the Wisp ended in one day. I gave away all three copies of the book, and hope the winners enjoy it. Actually, I hope they're moved to post nice reviews. If I'm really fortunate, they'll browse my other wares too.

I mentioned there would be some re-blogging around here this week. It's the least I can do to support my hosts. They loaned me their space, and I hope they get some visitors out of the deal. I'm still surfing back through and participating in the comments.

Commenters are intrigued by The Playground, and that's awesome. I understand that not everyone will buy a copy while it's on pre-sale, but many added it to their reading lists, and I'm grateful. Some of you added it on Goodreads too, and that really helps.

Some of you tweeted my guest posts like warriors, and I'm overwhelmed. I can see how it's done now, and will step up my game when you have something to promote. A ten minute tweet is already dead, but one per hour might actually get some readers.

I did some pushing on Facebook too, but that's been lukewarm at best. Part of it is because I'm new there. I need more friends, and that takes time.

The hottest post this week was Lisa Burton Radio. Spying with Lana grabbed the most views this bit has ever had. It's been my top post for three days in a row. This is looking like a good place to promote your books, and I think it will improve over time.

That's about it for this post. My writing has been all over WordPress this week, in the form of guest posts, and other things. A couple of excerpts from The Playground gathered some good attention, and the Lisa posts are always popular.

After all that writing, I'm kind of tired. I need to get back to new fiction, but it may be another week. Right now, I'll probably tour back through my host's sites and check for comments. Have a great weekend, and if you're offline for a few days, have a Happy Easter.


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13 responses to “Friday night from my easy chair

  1. Sounds like you were really busy. Good point on how tweets die so quickly. Hashtags help, but not by much. Enjoy the weekend.

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  2. You’ve been crazy busy this week and deserve a break. Enjoy your Easter with the family.

    It’s after midnight here, and I just finished 5 chapters of editing. Hope to complete the remaining 14 tomorrow. One more read through after that and I can finally ship this ms off to the publisher. That 3/31 deadline is hanging over my head but I think I’m going to make it. As busy as you’ve been, I’m inspired! For now though, I’m calling it a night.

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  3. Ali Isaac

    Phew! You must be wrecked after all that hard work. Book Launches and blog tours are exhausting! Relax and enjoy the Easter break. You’ve earned it. 😊

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  4. It’s been a wild one. Don’t forget to breathe. I’ve enjoyed seeing Playground around and about. Loved the excerpts.Enjoy your Easter time.

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