A Doc-ument

Gina Greybill drops in on Victo Dolore to discuss the medical things that occur in my new book, The Playground.

Behind the White Coat

A few weeks ago I met an intriguing physician, an oncologist with an unusual story. She had told that story to Craig S. Boyack and his newest novel, The Playground, was born. I invited her here while I am traveling to let you all get to know her…

Thanks for having me over Victo. My name is Dr. Gina Graybill. At the beginning of this story, I really am a broken person. Who expects an oncologist to get cancer herself? It hit me hard, and took a family member from me too. So I left oncology. My heart was just not in it any longer.

Instead, I started working in end-of-life care at a wage somewhat lower than I was used to. These people need someone who understands, and I understand more than most. I travelled from one place to the next living with and helping hospice patients as…

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6 responses to “A Doc-ument

  1. Love we get more and more pieces of the story with each stop.

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  2. I agree with Sue. Bits and pieces continue to unfold, creating a more and more interesting (and bizarre puzzle). As I said in my comment on Victo, I like books that make me think.

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