Come play in The Playground

I just now got approval from Amazon to start selling The Playground. I set it up as a pre-order once again. This worked really well for The Experimental Notebook, so I did it again.

The Playground involves a sequence of dolls and plush toys that contain a social network for children. The marketing involves soft animals, fashion dolls, dinosaurs, and super soldiers to guarantee appeal to any kid. The network is promoted to allow kids to make friends all over the world, get help with homework, and other things that sound great to parents.

The whole thing is the scheme of a ruthless businessman to brainwash our kids. He's the impatient type, and turned to the occult to speed things along. He summoned a demon to place into the system, but the software to finalize this plan went missing.

The story is told from the perspective of three different characters. Their stories can even be read individually, I know, I did it. When you read the novel, the stories intertwine to tell an even bigger story.

There are moody poltergeists, a member of the fae, an angel of death, a big goofy dog, sinister dolls, parasites, hot cars, Hoodoo, and even camera drones. I think it makes for a pretty good story.

This one is for more mature readers. There is some language, violence, and with children as the potential victims, I want you to know ahead of time.

The purchase link is embedded in the photo in the sidebar, but here it is too, for your convenience

My personal challenge this time was to weave multiple stories together in a cohesive greater story. Think of it like my tribute to Tarantino.

I've already seen one post go up at Planetary Defense Command, and there will be more throughout the week. I need to custom write some at the request of a few fellow bloggers, so I'm going to be busy. Then there is the about me page to update, my book club to notify, Goodreads, and on, and on…

Sean Harrington did the cover for this one. He is the Lisa Burton artist, and did the cover for Wild Concept. I think he did a fabulous job, and I want that car.


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24 responses to “Come play in The Playground

  1. The cover totally rocks. Hats off to Sean. The first time I saw it, I was blown away.

    Already pre-ordered my copy. Huge congrats to you. I think this one is going to rock!

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  2. Very cool. Should those of us who haven’t posted yet add the Pre-Order link?

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  3. I love that cover! Sounds like a great read so I’ve hopped over and pre-ordered. If I can help promote, do let me know. This one would be better on my writing website I think but I’m sure Blake would love to have you over to chat about the vagaries of social media šŸ˜‰ Let me know šŸ™‚

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  4. This cover is big, bold and beautiful. Congrats! I will likely post in the morning.

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  5. Love the cover!!! The Playground sounds like a great story, too.

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  6. Great cover. Congratulations and good luck. Stop by for an interview if you’re so inclined.

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  7. This is great, and I’ve been looking forward to The Playground. I’ll have to see about a pre-order.

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  8. Love the cover. Best of luck with the launch.

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