Sweeping up around here

I had a hard time getting into writing today. The old pitbull is having good days and bad days now, and last night was pretty rough.

The Yak Guy needs to make progress, so I forced myself into it to a degree. I never tracked the words, but it feels like 1300 to 1500 words. I need to feel a bit more romantic for the next bit, and that's a different mood than where I am today. Maybe a couple of beers and some decent music. Ha.

I assembled a rough for yet another Lisa Burton Radio show. This one is a long ways out, so I didn't send it back to the author just yet.

I did a pass through the short story and sent it to the Rave Reviews Book Club. I don't think it's quite what they had in mind, but you fail at 100% of the chances you don't take.

I shared my giveaway of Will O' the Wisp across several social media. Last time I checked there were 144 entrants. That probably isn't great, but if you whammy it out for another two weeks it could turn out decent. I'm giving away three copies, and well… You fail at 100% of the chances you don't take.

I'll include the link again if anyone is still interested. I'm going to do it in a format that you can copy and use on Twitter:

Enter to win one of three copies of Will O' the Wisp. This #Paranormal adventure is suitable for #Youngadult readers https://giveaway.amazon.com/p/b6a70022d2f0ba0f

Maybe that's kind of cheesy, but I might as well make it easy to share if you're going to lend a hand. Feel free to edit it if you have better hashtags or some groups you belong to.

I also managed some reading in both ebook and paper versions. If I don't budget some time for this, it never gets done.

I'm watching Godzilla right now. It's the one where he attacks New York, and features Mathew Broderick. I don't remember this one being well received, but I love it. It follows a pretty decent recipe for storytelling too.

Tonight looks like a lousy night for television. I'll probably go back to my reading, but I have a fun idea for a bit of micro-fiction that feels like about 2000 words in my mind. This one involves tentacles, and might provide a fun bit of Lisa art if it makes it into a future Experimental Notebook.

Back to the paycheck job tomorrow. All in all, things got done, but it wasn't a banner weekend like the last one.



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22 responses to “Sweeping up around here

  1. You never know when or how an idea is going to strike you.

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  2. I like the concept of 100% fail. It is a good way to look at not trying.

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  3. Sorry to hear about the rough night. I remember enjoying that Godzilla movie when I first saw it. For some reason, it lost some of its luster when I got older. The giveaway seems pretty good since it’s still a fairly new service. I don’t see much about it outside of the author blogs. Maybe it needs more time to spread.

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  4. I tweeted the tweet. You don’t sound full of your usual vigour at the moment, hope you get over the hump!

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    • I’m kind of pooped out. My novel is in the middle slog. The old dog has me down. Maybe my house full of company will be fun next weekend. I stayed up late and hacked out another micro-fiction piece though.


  5. Sent out the tweet for you. I didn’t know you could do giveaways through Amazon. I tried to follow the link yesterday, but since I’ve already purchased it, I couldn’t see how you have it set up. It sounds like a good thing to try. I hope it’s successful for you.

    Hope you and “the old pitbull” have good days today!

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  6. Mathew Broderick + Godzilla = no thanks.

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  7. Good luck with the giveaway. Must try that. Hope the hound is feeling happier.

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