Lisa Burton Radio, with Delilah Delibes

Hi everyone, and welcome to the first ever, premier episode of Lisa Burton Radio. This is the show where we feature the characters that make books come alive. I’m your host, Lisa the robot girl.

I have special guest Delilah Delibes, who appears in the Blake Hetherington Mysteries.

Our sponsor today is Live and Let Bee, by D. S. Nelson. Let’s go to the phone. Hi Delilah, you’re on the air with Lisa Burton.

“Hi Lisa, I’m so excited to be on your show, thank you so much for inviting me. You’ll have to excuse the state of my hair; I’m on a dig at the moment. Oh, wait … you can’t see me, right? Oops … (laughs)”

“It sounds like you have a pretty exciting life, Delilah. You’re an archaeologist who gets to travel all over the world. Tell us about how your archaeological experience helps you solve murders.”

“I know! I love it! I’m not sure Rob does though, that’s my boyfriend. He’s a police sergeant and he hates me getting caught up in situations. Like the one last year on Salderk. We were on a remote island, I was bored out my head; of course I was going to get involved and as you say, being an archaeologists means I’m hardly afraid of a dead body or two. I might even be able to help. The past often holds the key to the present. Blake thinks a young lady like me shouldn’t be interested in murder, but he’s just as bad. It doesn’t take much encouragement to get him on the case too.”

“That’s really interesting, Delilah. So you and Rob live in different towns. Is this a long distance relationship, or are these more like country villages that are close by each other? How serious are you two?”

“Oh not far at all, about thirty minutes. I live in a little village just outside Tuesbury, that’s where Blake lives, and then Rob lives in the next town, Bestall. Rob and I have been dating for about two years. He’s a great guy; a little serious sometimes but he keeps me grounded.

“At the wedding we went to last Summer I wanted him to wear a tie that matched my wonderful fascinator and dress. It was a really plain dress though, why D S couldn’t have found something with a little more, you know je ne sais quoi; seriously! It’s always about the hats with her though. Rob wasn’t sure about the whole tie thing at first but I think it’s important for us to look right together.

“He wanted me to move in with him last year after the incident with Bertie and that crazy Cartwright brother Jay, he’s in prison now. Exes, right Lisa? Seriously sheesh, the guy just wouldn’t give up. Rob’s a sweetie but I like my space. I haven’t been away on a dig for a while now. I’m getting itchy feet and it’s good to be able to come and go as I please.”

“So you’ve identified him to the world as your boyfriend. That makes perfect sense. It’s too bad your author couldn’t come up with a better dress to go along with your fascinator. When I’m traveling incognito, I sometimes wear some terrible things. That’s why I suit myself the rest of the time.

“We have something else in common too. There are days when my pet rabbit, Bunny, feels like my only friend. I’m sure our listeners would love to know about Bertie. Animals are so important in stories.”

“Bertie’s my world, a feisty little Jack Russell terrier. He’s a little star and often steals the show. He saved Blake’s life last year, during that business when the models went missing from Tuesbury’s model village! I was so proud of him, barked his little heart out he did. I think it convinced Blake to keep Prince. That’s Blake’s adopted dog. They get on like a house on fire.”

“That’s so amazing that he knew and tried to get help. The phones are lighting up, it looks like some of our listeners have questions for you.

“Hello, you’re on the air. Do you have a question for Delilah?”

“This is Wandsworth Prison. You are receiving a call from prisoner, Jay Cartwright. Do you accept the charges?”

“Of course.”


“Hi Jay, you’re on the air with Lisa and Delilah. Do you have a question for our guest?”

“Delilah, hey doll, I heard your voice and I just had to ring in. Why don’t ya’ll dump that sap Claringdon, I know ya love me… (sound of phone being pulled away) .. hey … wait … I … Delilah, Delilah …. ya’ll said ya’d wait —

” That was kind of uncomfortable. Sounds like it was an unauthorized call. What’s he in for, Delilah?”

“Oh my God. I’m so sorry Lisa, I told you, the guy just won’t give up. I swear I never said I’d wait for him. He’s a lunatic, his whole family are. Criminals the lot of them. That’s so embarrassing.”

“I’d get an injunction! Let’s try our luck with another caller. Hello, you’re on the air with Lisa and Delilah.”

“Hi Lisa, this is Rob. Delilah, is that you? Are you OK. I just heard that nut on the radio. Just ignore him, I know it’s not true. You’re doing great sweety, I love you.”

“Er, Rob, you know you’re live on air right?”

“What? Oh –” <click>

“Oh, that’s so cute. He said he loves you, and he did it over the air.”

“Er, Yeah. Cute … yeah … I got an offer of a dig in South America, I’m wondering if I should go, it might help with the next case.”

“Thank you, Delilah for being the first guest ever on Lisa Burton Radio. I hope if you go on that trip that you’ll consider taking Rob with you.”


D S Nelson is a writer of murder, mystery and intrigue. She lives in a quixotic village in the South Downs, UK, surrounded by plenty of inspiration for her novels.

Her introduction to murder came from Agatha Christie. The inquisitive Miss Marple, of St Mary Mead, and very Belgian Poirot, with his ‘little grey cells’, captured her imagination from a young age.

With a passion for the crime genre, in particular detective fiction, D S Nelson’s writing includes cosy crime novels, novelettes and short stories. Her writing is often inspired by the world around her, nature, history and of course people. She is currently working on the Blake Hetherington mystery series, the first five of which are now available on Kindle.

Her influences include, Agatha Christie, Josephine Tey, Arthur Conan Doyle, Simon Brett and Peter Robinson.


Twitter: @WriterDSNelson





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  1. Thank you so much for having Delilah over Lisa! That outfit is outrageous! You’ve got confidence girl! I’m glad it wasn’t Blake you were interviewing, I don’t think he’d know where to look! I’ve just been talking Rob down as he thinks he’d made a fool of himself. Let’s hope Delilah comes round to the idea.

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    Delilah’s sooo excited to be on Lisa Burton Radio this morning, let’s hope it goes well for her …

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    An excellent first episode of the new Lisa Burton Radio show.

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  5. Margot Kinberg

    This is fabulous! Lovely to see Delilah here!

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  7. So nice the meet you, Delilah. You do sound excited, but I’d look out for that stalker guy.

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    Delilah for being the first guest ever on Lisa Burton Radio

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  9. What a fun interview! Shared 🙂

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  10. Wonderful!!! What a nice way to quick off the new series. Loved getting to know you, Delilah. And Lisa, always a pleasure to hear your lovely voice.

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  11. I’m delighted I got to listen in on the premiere broadcast of Lisa’s new radio show. Great to meet you, Deliah.That’s some background you have. Loved the interview and the show!

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  13. Great interview and concept.

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    Craig and Lisa have come up with a new radio interview show. Nice part, you don’t even need a radio.

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  15. Fan-tab-U-lous radio interview. A great way to meet the ‘characters.’ 🙂

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  16. Ali Isaac

    That was good fun, guys! 😁

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  17. Great job. Very entertaining.

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  18. That was amazing and such FUN!! I really liked that you brought Lisa and two other characters into this story. It seemed so on the spot. Great job!!

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  20. Great interview! It was such fun and so informative at the same time 🙂

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