Now with even more productivity!

I didn't even try to dedicate time to new fiction today. I did a bit of work in other areas though. I finished all of my critique work, and am ready for the group on Tuesday.

I did a bunch of work on my super secret project, and it's starting to shape up very well. This involved exchanging multiple emails with several friends, and waiting patiently. Lots of progress here though. I could claim a lot of new words here, but who's keeping score anyway.

I have several more short stories chomping at the bit, but they can wait. I'm not going to jump into them until it's time. I have a great opportunity tomorrow to write, and I'm going to. In fact, I'm going to saddle my yak and get back to the novel. I still don't have my conundrum all figured out, but it's because there are too many options. If I build a few fences it will be easier to get right. I'll write those fences tomorrow. They're only words, right? I can trash them if I have to.

I changed my wallpaper too, and I'm kind of dubious about it. It looks like crap on my iPad. I checked it out on the Mac and it looks great. How does it look at your end?

On top of that, I finished the ARC I was reading. I hurried up and wrote a review PDQ so it was still fresh in my mind. (I could count words here too, but they aren't fiction. It's all true.) I won't say any more just yet, because the book hasn't dropped. It's a fantastic story though.

I added two new guest posts about The Playground to my portfolio. I still need more, but if I keep pecking away, there will be enough when it comes time to promote. (New words here too.)

I've been writing about how new words aren't the only work when it comes to writing. Today is an example of what I'm talking about. I still need to tour through Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and whatnot. Promotion is part of the gig too, and I need to throw something out there to pique reader interest.

Sales are still dead, but pages through Amazon Prime are still going strong. I don't know what the deal is, but I'm grateful for any readers I can get. Keep on borrowing, or whatever it's officially called.

I hope your weekend was awesome, and please let me know if my background looks horrible at your end.


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39 responses to “Now with even more productivity!

  1. I’ve noticed a lot of people saying their sales are dead, but the Amazon Prime pages are going strong. Wonder if there was a deal or something that caused it. Like a discount to join Prime. The wallpaper does look a little odd on the right hand side of the screen. Part of the sword is sheared off since it leans to the left Interesting hilt design.

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  2. Looks great on my end. Kind of mysteries, kind of spooky, as if there are eyes watching you from the swords.

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  3. I’m on a Mac and I don’t see anything but a black border.

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  4. Background looks pretty crappy on my microsoft surface tablet. I’ll try a PC later.

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  5. Looks like you’re ticking lots off the list!

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  6. Well I wish I could see it (the wallpaper) but my smart phone’s dumb that way…it only lets me read posts, not see the whole page.

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  7. Marvelous title! I love the title! Really, I lol πŸ™‚
    Glad you’ve had a productive day.
    Well, I dunno what you want it to look like, but I preferred the robots. Are these books? Blades? I can’t tell. The Mister says they’re Japanese swords? Sassy just thinks, “Ooh shiny!” On the left I can see them (I think) but on the right, they’re mostly hidden under the … writing part. (I’m sure these things have words…maybe bloggers should know the words, but this blogger does not.) I’m on a PC.

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  8. Ali Isaac

    I can’t see it as I’m on my phone. It doesn’t have enough ‘edge’ to ever really show your background, but I’ll check it out properly from my laptop later.

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  9. It looks great on my end; it immediately caught my attention. Love it! I had a messed up day yesterday, too. I meant to post one thing to the Serial Killer Project, then got swept away for hours, watching serial killer documentaries, reading articles and interviews.

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  10. It’s been a productive time for me. Lot’s of long flights. Keep up the good work.

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  11. Background looks good on my PC. Solid back with those cool swords on the left, which really stand out. Kind of cool you made the change on Leap Year day, too.

    You’re so right about word count not meaning everything. There’s so much more we have to do as authors between promo, supporting others and reading. (Um, just found a great review on GR that blew me away. TY).

    Hope you and Yak can have a meeting of the minds. I need to do the same with some aliens from outer space, LOL.

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  12. There is a row of sword hilts on the left side of the page at the edge and nothing but black on the right. I’m on a PC. Between new artwork and super secret projects, my anticipation is heightened.

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