My writing Saturday

It didn't work out exactly as I planned it. Does it ever, really? If you plan on tearing it up, it slows and stalls. If you plan on a light day, it winds up being 6000 words.

I started somewhere in the neighborhood of 6:00 AM. Yak Guy made some mistakes and learned what he did wrong. He's thinking about deeper subjects and making progress. He insulted someone who didn't deserve it, and can't defend himself. Now it's time to go back to the city.

This story involves transportation by animals. Things take time, and it should not be rushed through. However, I've established that fact pretty clearly, and it's time to jump over some things for the sake of the story. While establishing the facts of this world, I wove in a bunch of philosophy and dialog to keep it from being simply landscape. Now, I'm jumping ahead to keep the journey moving.

It's time to introduce the next major arcana character. This one is called The Emperor, but in my story he is The Lord. Rather than make him The Lady's husband he is her father. That way I can keep things interesting for Yak Guy.

My daughter passed her boards, and took a week off with friends to go to Sun Valley. She has a few more school hours before she can get her license. She decided to get up about 6:45.

If my daughter had an Indian name it would be She Who Cannot Stop Talking. This means the writing came to a screeching halt. I'm really okay with it. I love my daughter, and don't mind spending time with her. I'm sure her first big girl vacation was exciting to her.

I managed less than a thousand words today, and tomorrow is looking grim. I decided to go down the research rabbit hole. The Research Sirens kept me occupied for a long time, and one bit of knowledge leads to desire for another, and another. This time it was silkworm propagation. I haven't quite figured out what I'm going to do with it all, but it's a neat bit of world building that isn't common in stories.

Note to self: Research Sirens would be great in stories about the writing cabin. Now I have to do more research into sirens so I can have them show up. This should be fun.

It's all writing to me. Even this blog is writing. Research needs to be done, and it's productive in my eyes. I wish I could claim a higher word count, but so be it. I'd rather worry about planting things in my story that will pay off later.

My wife had to return something at the mall, and I tagged along. I needed some legal tablets, and a few more notebooks. The tablets are to make notes for the tax man, and the notebooks are for me to use in my writing. Of course I stopped off for a pint at Old Chicago. Have to feed that writer's brain somehow.

We managed date night with supper at P. F. Chang's. Not my most favorite, but my wife loves it. We picked up The Last Witch Hunter on DVD. We loved it in the theater, and decided we needed to own it. That's how I'm spending the rest of my evening.


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33 responses to “My writing Saturday

  1. I love PF Chang’s but can’t eat most of their food anymore. I’m hearing you speak about your daughter’s incessant talking and thinking about something that will happen in this household soon concerning a teenage girl. Can’t spill the beans yet, but Doubt, the raven, just lit on my shoulder.

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    • She’s nearly 22 now. She wants her own place, but modern economics won’t allow that in this century. Sometimes I don’t see her for days at a time. She stays with girlfriends, and a boyfriend, on occasion. I kind of have to get my time where I can.


  2. Mmm, PF Changs 😛
    Moo is also She Who Cannot Stop Talking. Sometimes my ears bleed.

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  3. Sounds like you had quite a good day.

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  4. Congrats to your daughter. As for the writing, I feel for you. Planned to start writing the next Windemere book since I was supposed to have the house to myself. Everyone’s plans fell through and I only got two paragraphs in. Sirens are an interesting creature that have been changed around over the years. Remember them from when I read the Odyssey, but they appear in so many other things as monsters or fairies or love interests.

    I still have to The Last Witch Hunter. Never got around to it in the theater and don’t have the time right now. I heard it had a very big Dungeons & Dragons vibe to it, which has me curious. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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  5. I consider research productivity. IMHO, if we’re working on a book, we get to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. Take your wins where you can get them is my philosophy, because we all know how heartbreaking this industry can be. Sounds like you had a great Saturday.

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  6. Great post. Sometimes my most productive writing comes in the most unlikely places like when I’m on a plane or when I’m stuck in the airport sue to flight delays. I’ve learned to both block out the peripheral noise and use what I see around me in my writing.

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  7. Good Saturday. I always miss this one cause I fold it up at 7:30 and go watch a movie on Saturday.

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  8. Ali Isaac

    Sounds good to me. Life isn’t all about word count.

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  9. New tablets! Woo-hoo! An office supply store is almost as exciting as a book store.

    It’s been an odd weekend of ups and downs for me…a memorial service for a friend and a guest spot on RRBC blog talk radio which I hope to blog about later in the week. No new writing for me, but I did manage a ton of edits so I guess that’s progress.

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  10. Research can really drag you down into the depths. I LOVED that you compared it to sirens!! I can really see that effect happening. It’s a necessary evil though, thank goodness when you find something worthwhile, it’s out of this world!!

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  11. I hear you on this. I hardly ever set a count goal because it’s a disaster for me, though it’s probably the only way to get things done. Right now I’m just glad if I write (my blog included).

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