Today’s word count = 0

I may dabble with a bit of micro-fiction after I post this. Today wasn't the productive day I had planned. There were a few commitments to some friends, and the old dog is fading. I spent some time just being his pal, like he has for me so many times.

Tomorrow isn't looking too good either. The mornings belong to my parents, and I won't sacrifice that. Weekends like this are why a bit of short form stuff is good for me. I get to keep writing, without having to worry about a giant character arc and three act structure. The format is just different, and I enjoy it as much as the long form.

We had date night tonight, finally. Two weeks ago I was sick, last week my wife went to Nevada. This weekend was our turn. It was nice to get away without dragging the kids along and just spend time together.

I may start drying out Tituba, the sourdough starter. I did less baking this winter than usual, but still made some fun things. My daughter isn't around much these days, and my wife is avoiding bread. Making loaves of fresh bread seems like a waste if I'm the only one eating it. I'll store Tituba in the refrigerator until it's time to wake her up next Fall.

Monday has something going for it. I'm off Monday, because it's a federal holiday. A quiet house may even let me work the next major arcana character into the Yak Guy Project. The next character is a few words away, but maybe I can get there.

We looked for tickets to see Deadpool, but they are sold out everywhere. If we get to go, it will be a different weekend. No big deal really, we still had date night.

Short post tonight. Maybe I'll have something to say before the weekend vanishes.



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22 responses to “Today’s word count = 0

  1. Sorry to hear about the old dog.

    I’ve had a few days this year where I got nothing done because of commitments. Probably have a long week of very little progress since the bits of time I get will be used to promote ‘Crossing Bedlam’. At this point, I think it’s simply the nature of the beast with this business. Some days are good and some days are nada.

    Barely got my tickets to Deadpool a few days ago. Happy I did since this is the only weekend we have to see movies until April.

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  2. I didn’t end up getting any writing done either. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. Baked bread sounds good!! I haven’t made any in a long time. Maybe I will.

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  3. There are many things I regret wasting time on over the years, but time with the dog has never been one of them.

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  4. I didn’t get any words done yesterday, either. The story wasn’t working for me, but I got a cool idea, so I’m replotting. I’m psyched about the new premise, too. Hopefully I can do it justice.

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  5. All sounds good. The only thing I got done other than blog time (I’ve been in Austin for the last three days) was thinking through the kidnapped comments of yours and completely restaged (in my brain) a scenario where the problem is solved. Will involve some extensive re-writes but think it well worth it. Have a great day off.

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  6. I’m sorry to hear about your dog – hope today was all right for you.

    And I went to see Deadpool today – it is EXCELLENT!

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  7. Hugs to the old dog. I rewrote my book blurb about a hundred times. I can’t seem to get away from telling the story and simply hitting high points that would intrigue a potential reader and still keep it mildly humorous. Argh!

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