The opposite of writer’s block

I've been seeing a lot of posts about writers block. Since joining Facebook, I've noticed a few over there too. I'm almost ashamed to say I've never experienced this before.

My critique group brought this up by asking, “Where do you get all these ideas from?” The short answer is my Muse, Lorelei. I believe in my Muse, and trust her. She throws things at me with the idea of seeing what sticks.

My mind looks something like this:

I have more ideas tugging at me than I can use. I've developed yet another living document for short stories. The rare one moves to a novel list. I refer to the list as soon as I finish one of my stories.

Is this a problem? It might be. I have story issues going through my head several stories ahead of where I'm typing. Some of these stories already have characters with traits and quirks. I might be better suited to develop tunnel vision and focus on the story on my iPad. It would probably speed the process up.

Right now, I'm writing a novel called The Yak Guy Project (for now). I'm also writing a retro science fiction story tentatively called Backwater Diner.

While all this is going on, I'm working out some great stuff that will see the return of Jason Fogg in another short story. I might let Jason go, but he's the best character to address a human condition that I want to talk about. His special condition lets him see a part of our makeup that others cannot. In order to do this he needs some fatal flaws to address himself, and I have some decent ideas on that front too.

I also have a great idea that involves a grown up Pete Rogers. Pete was a supporting character from Will O' the Wisp. Apparently all the scary stuff up Bergamot Holler hasn't been addressed yet.

My short story list has 26 items on it. I've already written some, and may never write them all. Newer items will hit the list, and maybe one of those is a better idea.

The plus side is that I can put out another Experimental Notebook eventually. I get to explore more conditions and situations than if I limited myself to novels. I'll need some Macabre Macaroni stories next October, and maybe some of these will fit that bill.

The down side is focus. It's hard to concentrate on Yak Guy and do his research when Jason Fogg is haunting my thoughts.

I'm glad I don't get writer's block, but my mind comes with its own special needs. Does anyone else have this problem, or am I the only one?


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28 responses to “The opposite of writer’s block

  1. You have all these great ideas and get things done, producing piece after piece. My head is always spinning with ideas and I’ll get five projects going at once and never finish one unless I totally stop the other four and focus.

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    • At one point, I had nothing for Macabre Macaroni, and was writing a novel at the time. I worked on the micros while my wife watched TV. Without a complete hero’s journey and character arch, I found I could handle this. Now I try to write small stuff in the off moments.


  2. I see posts on writers block all the time. I think one reason for this is because people want to interact with other authors and see if that will restart the engine. As for me, I have the same thing that you do. Ideas are always popping in and ducking out. Part of it is because I simply leave my mind open to them. Kind of like a mental drift since I’m sure my subconscious has a better idea of what works than if I try to force the process.

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  3. I’m rarely troubled by writer’s block *knocks on cyber wood* but there are times I need to focus more intently. It isn’t just the ideas, but the actual writing and sometimes those hours feel “clunky” when I’m producing (for lack of a better word).

    I’ve always got story ideas pinging around in my head, and I have a bunch I’d love to concentrate on. I’m one of those writers who only works on a single project at a time, so usually I’m just jotting notes on the ideas popping up in my head. By the time I near completion with a WIP, I’m already planning which of those is going to be the next to garner full attention. I often long for full-time hours to write, imagining what I could accomplish!

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  4. I don’t get writer’s block either. What I do get are unfinished projects though. :/

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  5. I’ve never suffered from writer’s block (knock on wood), but I do have characters yelling at me who don’t belong in the book I’m working on. Maybe you’re right; maybe that is the trade off.

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  6. I’ve never experienced writers’ block either, but I think that stems from my use of outlines. When I have the story worked out beforehand, I know exactly where I need to go that day. Doesn’t mean I can’t change things–and I often do–but it gives me something to work on straight out of the gate. Of course, that doesn’t mean the words always come out purdy. Some days the purdy just isn’t there. πŸ™‚

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  7. Yeah i have to say i dont eally get writers block in terms of ideas. Some days sentences dont flow, which is infuriating, but never lasts. Maybe we’re anomalies?

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  8. Ali Isaac

    Nope. Wish I had your ‘problem’, but sadly I don’t! I admire prolific writers who produce original ideas and quality writing. You are on that list. I have so few ideas, I’m always worried I will run out. I need to see things to be inspired. It is probably because I don’t have a muse. Wish I did.

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  9. I have ideas and word flying at me all the time. I wish I could just sit and write them but that is not going to happen in this life.

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  10. The only time I do is when I lose a story’s direction. If I’m patient, I think it through and then I’m good to go again. I have two Pretzel Rod buckets that were given as Christmas gifts that I retitled “My Idea Jars.” One is full, I’m working on the other. Of course, now I have journals too, lol.

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