The working weekend, day one

Last night I made a list of projects, and scratched making a list off my list. Yeah, it was a cheat, but it's not like I'm being graded here. I also reminded myself to enjoy what I am doing. I turned off the computer and watched the return of Sleepy Hollow, then cleared Flash out of the DVR. While Sleepy Hollow aired, I recorded Last Man Standing, then I watched it.

The television hasn't been on yet today. Here's how it went.

I added words to The Yak Guy Project. It may have only been a thousand or so, but I'm struggling with world limitations here. This isn't science fiction where he can take a speeder halfway across the planet in one paragraph. He's riding around on a yak, for cripes sake. This takes time, and requires a bit more observation. Yak Guy Ted's journey is also a spiritual one, so there is a certain amount of thought and reflection required. The yak calls this rumination, and it's kind of a gag in the story. I need to write it this way, and may remove bits after the draft gets finished.

I added words to the retro science fiction piece, and it's getting closer. The characters had some sexy time and now my rocket boy needs to decide between duty and country, or riches and the girl. Yeah, I wrote a sexy time section, I've done it before.

I got the camper battery all charged up, and got through all my critiques.

I even managed to promote The Experimental Notebook on a Facebook group. One friend saw it, and shared it. No idea if it did any more good than that, I'm new to Facebook. Nobody freaked out and accused me of breaking the group rules, so I've got that going for me. I have a list of other groups, and need to join them too.

Reminder: You can follow Lisa the robot girl on Facebook, and there is an Entertaining Stories page too. In fact the widget in my sidebar will take you to the Entertaining Stories page.

I spent the afternoon with my beta reading project. In case you're reading this today, I'm at 61% according to the Kindle app. I should finish this by Monday with a little luck.

I did not attempt a blurb for The Playground and didn't attempt any guest posts for it. That will have to be on tomorrow's agenda somehow. It still takes a back seat to new words on my stories and the beta reading project.

I'm feeling pretty good about today. I'm working off a weekend long list, and not a one day list. I got some things scratched off, and others moved ahead. It's about 6:30 here now, and maybe I will see what's on television.

Then again, maybe I'll get started on that blurb.


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23 responses to “The working weekend, day one

  1. Sounds like you’re making progress!!

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  2. Congrats on the progress. Good point on some stories being rough with traveling. I enjoy using ‘time passes’ when things are going to be slow and unimportant to the story. Sounds like that isn’t the case here since there’s a lot of ruminating. Love that word. So, would you say YakGuyTed is a character study? Not sure if you said that before.

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  3. Good progress on your list.

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  4. I had a former boyfriend who was a behavior specialist in a psych hospital. He got me into the habit of writing a list of five things to do every day. No more, no less. At the end of the day, anything left rolled over, but never more than five things on the list. That has stayed with me twenty years that have been a lot less stressful than they would have been had I not adopted that habit. I saw your post forwarded on FB. It’s awful how they now make you pay to promote posts. Once upon a time, FB promised they would never make you pay for use, but they changed the terms of use and make you pay to promote posts. Capitalism at it’s finest.

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    • I only make a list when the items get to be too many to remember. I’m new to FB so I guess I don’t lament the good old days. Maybe when I actually have something like a new book I’ll pay on occasion.


  5. Well done it feels good to score things off a “to do list”.

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  6. It’s always a great feeling when you do what you set out to do. Keep up the good work. If you’ll excuse me, I need to take my own advice. Happy writing!

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  7. You had a highly productive day. If I were you I’d be feeling pretty darn good about all you accomplished. I never developed the knack for working on more than one story at a time, but sounds like you’ve got a system that works!

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  8. Ali Isaac

    I am a little behind with my blog reading, sorry about that Craig. Do you know, I’m actually really intrigued by the Yak Guy project. I mean he’s riding around on a Yak. That begs so many questions. Can’t wait to read it.

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