A little bit of real momentum

I called my parents first thing this morning and when I got off the phone something wonderful happened. The house was quiet. My wife was pulling overtime at the hospital, my son was asleep, and my daughter left town for the weekend.

I was fired up about both the retro science fiction short story and The Yak Guy Project. (I'd better hurry up and name this one, or I'll call it The Yak Guy Project for the rest of my life.)

Yak Guy won out, and I added 2000 words to it. Not phenomenal, but not a kick in the pants either. I needed him to be a jerk to the girl, but in a way that was tough to write. This wasn't a verbal altercation, but a shutting down of sorts. He had to slide away, create distance, look outside, and say “whatever.” Yelling and screaming is easier, but wasn't what I wanted.

I fiddled around with Facebook a few times. I learned that someone else can post on my timeline. It was great, but surprised me. I also learned that Lisa's site is only sharing with friends. I went back and changed everything, but it's probably too late to get much action. I hoped to push a few people to Sean Harrington and his mad art skills yesterday.

I made myself a big old Flintstone sandwich using my sourdough bread. It was awesome. While stuffing my face I had an idea. I don't think Lisa will get another short story any time soon, but she will help promote another book of shorts at some point.

If the retro science fiction piece is worth including in a book, Lisa could share a Barbarella style weightless poster with the online world. I'm thinking glass bubble helmet, body shirt style uniform, maybe some pirate style boots. It would be cool.

I'm at the point of writing down ideas in living documents these days. If it still appeals to me when it's time to promote it, I'll run with it.

I went to The Rave Reviews Book Club and liked all the available Facebook sites today. They do a great job of promoting me on Twitter, and they probably do similar things on Facebook. It had the effect of booting down all my titles on Lisa's favorites in favor of their books. I doubt there is anything I can do about it, but it would be nice to have my titles as Lisa's favorites.

Lisa liked some music today too. I'm old enough to to like hundreds of groups, but tried to limit it to a few favorites.

I go back to the paycheck job tomorrow. I think I'll check out the re-boot of the X-Files before bed tonight. Re-boots don't always work, but Ash vs The Evil Dead was fun. Maybe X-Files has some mileage left in it too.

How was your weekend? I'm sure many of you were shoveling snow, but I know you live all over the world. Did you get some new words on paper? Spend time on social media? Watch football? Read one of my books? (Joking.)



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52 responses to “A little bit of real momentum

  1. Had fun with Lisa this weekend. Wrote a little. Finished edits of book three in the John Cannon Trilogy. Trying to decide on a beta reader offer. Last time was a little disappointing. Have a nice paycheck day.

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  2. I didn’t do any writing except the blog. I’ve been reading The Friday Night Knitting Club. It sounds like light, fun, chick lit, but it’s actually small type face and rather dense, while at the same time making me think a lot :/ I love the book, but it’s not what I anticipated, so now I’ll need something light after this. Maybe even two lights, because my next one in the line up was to be non-fiction. *sigh*
    I did plenty of social media. Twitter ranked high with me this weekend. A lot of sofa, afghan, and tea time 😀
    I hope you get a title for Yak Guy soon.

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  3. I can’t believe we managed to escape the blizzard in NE Ohio. Our snow actually melted today. No complaints here. And I got a long scene edited tonight, so I’m ready for some downtime. Have a great week ahead!

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  4. I’ve been watching all that snow from sunny (unseasonably rainy) Australia! This weekend I inched closer to the end of my zero draft of my YA fantasy novel and also went back and started re-reading an old project that I’m about to start a rewrite of. And I managed to catch up with my writers group, which I hardly ever manage with a one year old baby! Always so good to see them. 😊

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  5. X files! Did you watch it? I loved that old series. It is still fun to watch them again after all these years and remember a time before smart phones.

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  6. I was one of the shovelers. Curious to hear how the X Files is. Never got into it back in the day for some reason, but I really wonder how it’ll do after so many years. Totally different world today. Congrats on the Facebook work.

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  7. Facebook is weird. I’ve shared things on my own timeline expecting them to be on my own page only to find they’ve disappeared. Lost some family pics that way. Posted them years ago and FB has thinned them away. Now, if a family member posts a pic I’d like to save, I download it to a file on my desktop.

    Yesterday, I spent the entire day working on my log-line and sought out help from a friend. I still cried myself to sleep. This morning, I approached it with fresh eyes, and still had to wipe away tears. The dual plots are what’s making a log-line difficult. I spent the whole day on it (when I wasn’t distracted by FB) it’s the active goal and stakes that have me stumped. I’ve tried a ticking time bomb also. Came up with a couple that will pass but not splendid.

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  8. Proofs off to printers, Sunday lunch with the family and Bean discovering she can pull herself up by the side of the bath and giggling with glee as she watches you running it. Sound like you had pretty good weekend too. I like the idea of that sandwich!

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  9. Finally took the wife to see Star Wars this weekend. She’s too young to have nostalgia for it, and wasn’t impressed…

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  10. I don’t know how I missed this post. Tell me more about The Rave Book Reviews. I love Rosie’s group. They’re wonderful. Thanks for the recommendation.

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  11. There’s something special about a quiet house.

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  12. It’s great to feel some progress. Sounds like you have a lot of good ideas hidden up your sleeves!

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  13. Snow, snow and more snow! I finally wrote a blog post about it for tomorrow. Mostly, I disappeared for four days when I had hoped to be productive with writing.

    Sounds like you made progress on a lot of fronts.And I’ve got to remember the term “big old Flintstone sandwich.” I got such a visual on that, LOL!

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  14. Being in NY, was completely snowed in this weekend and I redecorated my house with whatever ideas I found on Pinterest.. Quite a few things came out to be good looking..

    Though I have come to a conclusion that i need to be a bit more artsy.. It seems that my life has become very black and white being in the corporate world and I been trying to do all sorts of things like painting canvases, knitting and well DIY decorating..

    Maybe one day i will wake up seeing art everywhere..(atleast I can hope🙄)

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