Promotion takes a step forward.

I read through my morning emails, and sent some ideas off to Sean Harrington. Sean was the cover artist for Wild Concept, and makes the awesome Lisa Burton* art I share here. He is going to make the cover for The Playground.

I stepped away from my iPad and went to find Lisa. I like to bounce ideas off her when it comes to being in public. She’s much more social than I am. I found her nailing up a painting behind her desk.

“What the hell? Where did you? Is that a Warhol?”

Lisa stepped off my old soapbox and turned. “Warhol’s dead.”

“Yeah, well we get ghosts out here sometimes. Remember the one in Will O’ the Wisp?”

“Oh yeah, I had do download French so I could talk to her.” She put the hammer on her desk. “It’s a Harrington. You’ve had us working together quite a bit, and he made this for me.”

“Huh. I um…” I scratched my head while Lisa fetched coffee. She knows me so well.

“What’s on your mind today?” She sat the cup on a coaster made from an old circuit board.

“I think I need to expand my social media footprint. I really don’t like that stuff, and would rather just write. Still, if nobody knows I have books available, it’s hard for folks to read them.”

“So, spit it out.”

“Well, you’re more social than I am. What do you know about Facebook? I think I should probably have a page on Facebook.”

She looked off into the distance. Her eyes fluttered like when the television flickers briefly. “Done!”

“What do you mean, done?”

“You have a Facebook page.”

“You mean, you just made one? Right now?”

“Look.” She pointed at herself. “Robot girl plus great WiFi, equals you have a Facebook page.”

“Show me.”

She sat at her computer and entered the address for Entertaining Stories on Facebook.

“Was it hard to set up?”

“Not for me. You might have spent days at it. I had to set up my own page first before I could set up a business page, so it took me a nano-second. Check it out.” She opened a site for Lisa Burton on Facebook.

“All of it looks pretty good. What do we do with it?”

“You need to make some friends, and they can interact with you.”

“Yeah… Interaction is good, I like that. It’s the making friends part I’m not so good at.”

She rolled her eyes and sat behind the computer. “Go write your stories. I’ll spend some time making you some friends.”

I patted her on the shoulder. “You’re a great wingman. Thanks.” I headed back to my office.

I really don’t know what to do with Facebook, so I’m open to suggestions. It looks like I’ve already gotten a bunch of work done today. Maybe I’ll watch a movie, or make some sourdough. Then I can spend my afternoon seeing if Lisa made me some friends.

*Lisa Burton is my personal assistant, and the spokesmodel for Entertaining Stories. She’s also a robot.


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32 responses to “Promotion takes a step forward.

  1. Nice job. Though I have to admit that clicking on a link that is set for a phone while being on a laptop always looks strange. Good idea for Lisa to get her own page.

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  2. Did you set it up as an artist page, like a writer, or is it a personal page? I would leave a link on my blog if I were you, so your followers can like you there and just share your blogs there and post little ads for your books.

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  3. I didn’t like that huge page that came up on the link and tried searching on my own page for Lisa Burton by name. Hundreds came up, but not yours. Hmmm.

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  4. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog and commented:
    Help Lisa help CSB (Thank goodness robots are patient with humans – for now…) πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Ž

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  5. I’ll friend you as soon as I hop on FB. As soon as everyone learns about Lisa’s page, you’ll have more friends than you’ll know what do with. πŸ™‚

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  6. Ali Isaac

    Welcome to Facebook! I was looking at some sourdough recipes on Pinterest, I fancy having a go. I was thinking, Pinterest is very visual, I’m sure Lisa would go down a storm there! πŸ˜€

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  7. Ali Isaac

    Oh and is your WP set up to automatically send all your new posts to Facebook?

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  8. Welcome to the world of Facebook, Lisa and Craig! Er, not that I’m there much myself. I tend to only hop on every few weeks on my author page and my friends post more on my personal page than I do.

    Why don’t you send out a few tweets with the links, too? That way your Twitter followers will find out about the pages and, hopefully, hop over with some “likes.”

    And WP has a widget for your sidebar if you’re so inclined.

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  9. Lisa’s a hit. What a ‘wingman.’ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  10. Have like your page on fb and requested Lisa. She is a seriously good wingman.

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