Kill it with fire

Lisa* helped me into my editing jacket, and I was joined by Doubt the raven. We had to make our final character pass through The Playground. This pass involves Gina who carries the paranormal burden in the story.

Doubt pecked my hands raw, but I think I’m about finished. I love all my stories, but at this point in the game I never want to see them again. Am I the only one who feels this way?

Cover art is probably a month away, then I’ll ask for some advance readers. These people are encouraged to kick my butt and give me a chance to fix any failures I may have missed. I think it’s nice to share the artwork with advance readers.

Reminder: I am not seeking readers today. We’re just hanging out and complaining about editing.

Here’s what this story involves, in case someone is debating asking for an advanced copy.

My personal goal was to write three different stories that weave together to tell a complete one. There are three different point of view characters. I got this idea from the movie Pulp Fiction.

The story involves a business man who makes a new social media for children. He places the Playground Network inside a sequence of dolls and plush toys. At some point before chapter one, he realizes the power he has over our children. One of his soldiers is in every home. He turns to the occult to accelerate his plans.

Chloe is the character who represents the victims in this story. She acquires her ultimate dream of a Playground doll, and goes into a downward spiral under the influence of the network.

Gina is a cancer survivor and doctor. Her life is broken at the beginning of the story. She winds up being the only person who can stop the Playground Network from taking over. She doesn’t know what she’s doing, but has a capable mentor. Her story involves demons, the fae, and conjuring a dead oracle.

Clovis is a thug hired to retrieve stolen Network hardware. He’s bigger, tougher, and has a head start over Gina. He’s brutal and not afraid to use harsh tactics. (He was a lot of fun to write.)

This is a paranormal story with some science fiction sprinkles on top. I’ve looked at it until my eyes want to fall out. I’m sure I’ll love it again when it’s time to send out copies. Watch this space for the announcement.

It feels good to finish something. Yeah, it’s a phase of something, but it smells like victory.

Doubt is back on his perch, the paranormal office is dark, and it’s time to beg Lisa to let me out of this jacket.

*Lisa Burton is my personal assistant, and spokesmodel for Entertaining Stories. She’s also a robot.

PS: This is a prescheduled post, but I’m doing a quick update. The Cock of the South just cracked the top 100 in it’s subgenre. It’s been out there for over a year, and I’m sure it’s fleeting, but good news is welcome at any time.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #205,416 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)


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30 responses to “Kill it with fire

  1. Congrats on the ranking. Very impressive with a book that’s been out for over a year. Like the idea of the Playground too. The hero/villain/victim trifecta of stories sounds like a great approach since it touches on all the players. As for editing . . . I’ve so been there and might hit it again soon with the Windemere books coming out this year.

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  2. Sounds like a great story. Congrats on the rank. Love the jacket.

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  3. Love these stories. Congrats on Cock of the South! Very exciting!!! Pulp Fiction was one of my favorite movies, so The Playground is even more intriguing.

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  4. I think you must have mentioned this story line before, like in an Idea Mill post? It’s familiar. And intriguing. I really like the development, and I’m always a fan of different POV methods.

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  5. I know there are usually parts I want to keep and parts I want to shred and the two often become intermingled, lol. Your story sounds like something I’d be interested in.

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    • I’ve done this enough that I know middles are tough to write, and my baby becomes an adolescent in the editing phase. I won’t kill it with fire, and I’ll probably love it about the time the cover comes in. Glad folks are intrigued by my concept.


  6. Ali Isaac

    Woooohooooooo! Congratulations, Craig! You are going great guns. I wouldn’t worry about the length of the book. A story should be as long as it takes to be told. I think this one migt be a bit too creepy for me, so I won’t offer my services as a beta reader this time, if you don’t mind. I’ll wait to see how it turns out. I know, I’m a big cowardly wuss! But I can’t help it! Great news about COTS, too! About time. Well done.

    I finished 1st draft of Swanskin today, too. Its only a novella, but it came in slightly shorter than I anticipated, Just shy of 30k. But it needs some work. Maybe that’ll change.

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  7. Good luck with Playground edits. I finished NA in less than eight weeks, but beta reads and revisions took nearly nine months. I read that book so many times I wanted to scream. Then I shelved it for another nine months and got involved in other projects. Taking it down for a read, I thought, not bad, but really needs polishing, sent it off to editor for two passes. I just read it again and I’m thinking…wow, I wrote that..kewl! Now, preparing for Sleuth Fest, and writing log-lines and synopses…over and over until perfected, I’m beginning to loath it.


  8. A HUGE congrats on that ranking for Cock of the South. AWESOME! And The Playground sounds like a cool read. I know I get sick of my stuff too when I’m in edit-upon-edit-upon-edit mode. But then the freshness comes back by release time.

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