Some days a diamond…

… Some days a rock. I had good intentions for yesterday and today. I got up early and tackled the feedback I received on my short story. This was the one where I dabbled in epistolary style.

The story wasn't quite right, and my volunteers were able to point out some things that really helped. I winced when I wrote it about using italics for the documents. Big chunks of italics are frowned upon, but it is the correct style.

I even have one chunk where there are old letters quoted inside a blog post. The correct style is italics for the blog post, and back to normal for the letters. I hated to do it, because I hoped the section breaks would be enough. They weren't and using the italics was the right thing to do.

There were some clarity issues as well, and I used many of the suggestions people threw at me. It's good now, and maybe some time in the fermenter will let me improve it. Short fiction is a side line, and I have no deadlines for finishing it.

Many thanks to my volunteers, and I'm happy to return the favor if you guys need it.

I'm still ruminating over sections of the Yak Guy Project. I need to touch up some of what I already have, including plants that will payoff later down the trail. I have a study guide on the table beside me and will do some research later today.

I managed to add about 1000 words to an old school science fiction story I've been working on. This is also short fiction, so I'm in no real hurry on it either.

Old What's Her Face said she needed to air me out yesterday, so we did date night early. We went and saw The Hateful Eight. I love Tarantino, but this one was just not that good. He never really has followed the rules, but some good editing could have left a half hour of film on the cutting room floor. I even told my wife that if I introduced an omnipotent narraror 3/4 of the way through a novel, the readers would crucify me. Maybe when I'm Tarantino, I can get away with this kind of thing. (Maybe not) The backstory at the end didn't really work for me either.

We consoled ourselves with pizza and beer at Old Chicago. (Well, I had beer. She doesn't drink.) When we got home, we decided to watch movies on cable.

We watched Pompei, with the actor who may, or may not, be playing John Snow when Game of Thrones returns this spring. It was mediocre, but had some cool special effects. We also watched The Judge with Robert Downey and Robert Duval. For me, it was the best movie of the day.

My takeaway was that I was invested in Downey and Duval, I cared what happened, and it had a wonderful reflection on fathers vs sons. There has to be a lesson there for writers.

Hateful Eight and The Judge both had wonderful actors and good performances. As a writer, I don't have that luxury. They both had great characters; that I can attempt. I love some special effects like in Pompei, and might be able to write some of that too. The place where I can up my game is to try for an emotional tug in the story.

I admit to being a little 'hit and miss' when it comes to the emotional pull. I know what I intend, but does the reader get it at the other end? Yes, some of the time. This is where the Muse could really help me elevate my game.

I didn't post last night, because we were spending time together. This Sunday morning post is intending to make up for that. I have some editing on The Playground in my sights for today. The good news is that tomorrow is a national holiday in the US. Maybe I'll be ready to add some words to The Yak Guy project.

So yesterday was a rock. Maybe tomorrow will be a diamond.


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22 responses to “Some days a diamond…

  1. I felt the same about Hateful Eight. Good but not Tarantino’s best. But I always enjoy seeing Walton Goggins perform (I think that’s how his name is spelled). He was on Justified, an FX series with Timothy Olyphant. Did you ever watch that? One of my favorite TV shows. Hated to see it end last year.

    We’re off to see The Revenant again. The first time we went we got stuck in the second row. Too amazing of a film to see that close up. Such great cinematography. So I’m going again.

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  2. I really loved The Judge as well πŸ™‚


  3. Hope tomorrow is a diamond as well

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  4. Heard that about Hateful Eight, so I might wait until it hits the premium channels. Limited time means I can’t go running to the movies whenever I’m curious. That and Tarantino has always been ‘hit and miss’ with me. Haven’t seen The Judge or Pompeii. Thinking I’ll pass on the latter unless there’s really nothing else on.

    I’m with you on the italics. I’ve used it for telepathic messages, but it gets rough when it goes beyond a line or two. Just look very jarring, but it’s what has to be done. I look at it as the effect on the listener is probably jarring too. Good to hear the story is in better condition. I really enjoyed it.

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  5. I thought The Judge was excellent too. Too bad about The Hateful Eight. I love Tarantino.

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  6. If you crush the rock, you’ll find a diamond in it πŸ™‚

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  7. If all days were diamonds the diamond days wouldn’t be so special.

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  8. I loved The Judge but didn’t see any of the others. Still, date night is always fun. You’ve got a lot of projects going on. Good luck with all of them. And those italics will be fine, LOL!

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    • Made a bit of editing progress today. Football is starting to get interesting. I’ll count the blog update in the + column. The short stuff is secondary. It is a block of italics. I knew it was correct, but hoped to avoid it somehow. It is much more clear with italics.

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  9. Ali Isaac

    Do you mean John Snow won’t be played by John Snow anymore? Well then I’m not watching!

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  10. “Old What’s Her Face” ??? LOL. Great reflections.

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