My 2015 Planetary Awards Nominations

What an incredible honor. Check out this post to find some other speculative reading.

Planetary Defense Command

The 2015 Planetary Awards have three categories open for nominations: shorter story (including novelettes and novellas), traditionally published novel, and self-published / small press novel.

It wasn’t too hard for me to find a short story nominee. I’ve read a dozen 2015 science fiction magazines as part of my magazine quest, and I’ve also read multi-author anthologies, single-author collections, and a few random stories from the kindle store.

My nominee for 2015’s best short story is … [drumroll] … “Something in the Water” by CS Boyack. The story can be found in The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack, which is only 99 cents at Amazon.

I had to think about why this was my favorite story. It has a few references to the early days of aviation, which is a topic of interest to me, but that alone wouldn’t be enough to make it my favorite. What…

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19 responses to “My 2015 Planetary Awards Nominations

  1. Ali Isaac

    Hey congratulations! I loved that story! Well done. 😁

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  2. That’s fantastic! Congratulations! ^_^

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  3. Oooh, wow! Super congrats on that! I really loved that one, too.

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  4. Congratulations! That story was one of my favorites too.

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