All’s well that ends well

I had sourdough bread for breakfast this morning. It came out really good, and I even managed a great blister crust this time. I also gave the dog his medicine before tearing into my project list.

I managed the 20,000 words I wanted on The Yak Guy project. I may have forced it, but I wanted the word count. I managed names for the warring factions, but when I googled them I wanted to change them. I managed a letter or two of change and they work for now.

Yak guy is finished with the third character in the book, and it's time for him to join civilization once more. To do this he needs a name, but cannot remember his. Think of this like a portal fantasy. It isn't, but it gets the point across. He lost memories during the process.

The yak told him these people are named for their professions like Merchant, or Tanner. The rest have short simple names. Since yak guy doesn't have a profession, he decided his name would be Ted. It works for now, and everything is subject to change.

I managed to finish my critiques for tomorrow night's meeting. This will probably keep me from posting tomorrow, since our meetings usually run late.

The short story isn't finished either, but it's very close. I never got to that final character pass on The Playground. Quite frankly, I ran out of creative fuel.

There will be other characters in the Yak Guy project, but the next main one is The Empress in the tarot deck. In my deck she is The Lady, and that's what I'm going with. This means I have research ahead of me. This character is going to be important, and I need to have her lessons in place along with her use in the story.

My wife is home now, and it's time to think about the work week ahead. It was a great weekend of writing, but the real world beckons.


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21 responses to “All’s well that ends well

  1. Ali Isaac

    Back to the old grind. Never mind, you have a very fruitful weekend of writing behind you. All the best for 2016, Craig… don’t know if I already said something along those lines, ignore if I did. Xxx

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  2. I like that name even as a place holder. It’s simple, which seems to fit the character from your descriptions of him at times. I’m not familiar with portal fantasy. Is that like dimension jumping?


  3. When I hear the name Ted, my mind jumps to the informative Ted Talks, or my cousin, Ted…the current owner and operator of Cypress Cove.

    I am so jealous about the sourdough bread. I’m craving pizza again. My bread life consists of an occasional slice of millet toast. But my blood sugar looks great and I’m still losing weight.

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  4. Writer’s weekend. Beautiful

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  5. Sounds like a very productive weekend, Craig. Mine wasn’t quite so productive the writing front but managing to correct that today in-between Beany time.

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  6. Happy to hear you had a productive weekend. Enjoy your week!

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  7. Glad you had such a production writing weekend. Mine wasn’t too bad either. Hopefully, I’ll kick butt with the WIP this week. Good luck with Yak Guy aka Ted

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  8. Did I ask you if you’d read The Bone Clocks? Jumping time and space…God, that was an excellent book.

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