It’s a writer’s weekend

Old What's Her Face* is still in Nevada visiting family. I've had the house all to myself, and hit it about as hard as I felt like.

I haven't broken the 20,000 word mark on The Yak Guy project. I added a few bits to plant things that will payoff later. I stalled when it came time to name things.

Choosing names is always hard for me. I think everything sounds horrible. Yak guy is at a place where he needs to choose a name to find other people like himself. He has certain memories stripped away, and I don't like any of the names he's coming up with.

There are two warring factions in this story, and they need names too. There I am, freaked out over names. Some will say to keep writing and fix it later. I have a really hard time doing that.

To break things up, I started a short story. I nailed down just over 3000 words in two days. Looks like it's going to be a legitimate short story, and not a micro-fiction. I really like where it's going, but it needs some cleaning up. Part of the problem comes from first person point of view. I must have written 27 sentences beginning with I. (If you need an example refer to this paragraph.) I made a pass to clean that up, but it still needs work.

I finished two of three critiques. I printed the last one, but am stalling. The guy sent in double the allowed word count intending for us to do half this month, and half next month. Just another weirdness I possess, and I'll probably have to work up the whole thing. I don't want to print it twice, or re-do the first half next month.

I finished another character pass on The Playground too. There is one left, and it's a big one. I'm getting close to needing some beta readers, but not quite.

I spent a little time with The Twilight Zone, and Hitchcock. Later I'm going to check out the season finale of Ash vs. The Evil Dead.

I also baked bread and tried out my new clay baker from King Arthur. It came out with a beautiful blister crust, and I kind of want to tear into it right now. The house smells pretty darned good.

I still have to get some posts scheduled for next week. There are guests coming over, and I have work to do on their posts.

My wife won't be home until mid day tomorrow, and I might get more accomplished tonight and tomorrow morning. I really want to break 20,000 words on Yak Guy before I head back to work. Fingers crossed that I'll come up with some good names.

I seem to have this shut off at about 2500 words. After that, I need to constructively daydream the next part. My outline cards are mile markers, but I still have to come up with stuff between them. It seems as if that isn't everything in the tank. I can still write short fiction and dedicate brain cells to it.

So update the blog, kill a few deadites, and back to… Something. I'll figure out something.

* Entertaining Stories, protecting my wife's identity since 2013.


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28 responses to “It’s a writer’s weekend

  1. I too have a very difficult time coming up with names, because they have to fit the character just right or else it sounds kind of trite or something. You sound very busy!!!!!

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  2. Character names are half the fun of writing. I used a sound alike name for an old boyfriend who gave me lots of grief in one of my books, cause the character gave me lots of grief.

    Got through that trying chapter today After four rewrites in four days, I got it rewritten in two scenes to include the content needed for two POV characters. I couldn’t keep the chapter in one exclusive POV, but I don’t think it breaks the flow of the narrative like the seven scenes my editor suggested when I balked at the one POV. I’ll be sending it off to him once the next two chapters are edited.

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  3. Yay for Ash vs Evil Dead! Anyway, names are really tough. I wander websites, baby naming books, and whatever else I can find. Usually I look at the meanings to see if it connects to the character I have in mind. Not sure if that will help.

    I have this desire for fresh bread for some reason.

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  4. We watched some Twilight Zone today, too 🙂
    I also struggle with names. They’re crucial to me. To me, names mean everything and when they’re not right, the whole story feels hard to believe. Sometimes it takes me a very long time to get the right one.

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  5. Sounds like you’re having a productive start to the new year. Hope you find some names!

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  6. I’m always very impressed by how much you seem to fit in! Is it about focus? I think I’m too easily distracted, I’ll sit down to do something and then five minutes later will think “Oh I must just put a laundry load in.”

    In terms of names, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the baby name survey book, but rather than the traditional baby name book that tells you meanings of names, this is based on a survey asking people what their perceptions are of people who have certain names, like for instance a high proportion of people think that girls who are called Rachel are sexy, or whatever. This can be really useful I think for writers – obviously a lot of the time our perceptions of names are based on individuals we know, but if a lot of people have the same perception of what somebody with a certain name will be like, then it can help with projecting the right character perhaps? –

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    • This weekend is kind of like a writer’s retreat. It’s just me and the old dog. I already had an outline to get me started. I also have a list of short story ideas in case I get stalled.

      It takes a long time for sourdough to rise, so it doesn’t need a babysitter.

      I’m going to check out that link right away.


  7. I love naming characters. It’s probably my favorite part of writing, but sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect fit. Two of my lead characters in my Mothman book were named wrong from the start. It wasn’t until I completed the entire novel and was getting ready to submit it that I changed the first name of the female lead and the villain. I didn’t think I’d ever get used to the new names but in the end they fit.

    Great progress on your writing. I’m getting ready to call it a day, too. I hit the 2K mark and for some reason am burnt out. I must have hit that wall. Time to recharge and do some plotting.

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  8. Sounds like you had a killer day – productive and fun. I like that fact you protect the name of your wife, but Old What’s Her Face is not terrifically flattering. Someone will tell. 😉

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  9. Sounds like a productive day. I think I can smell the bread from here.

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  10. Ali Isaac

    Sounds like you had rather a busy time, Craig. You’re right, names are so important, you need to take your time to get them right.

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  11. I like the names to match the character’s personality, but we all have our own process. BTW, I can’t move on either without have a good name, even if I end up changing it later.

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    • Mine are all subject to change, but they function and I can move ahead. I have to watch out for special snowflake names though. (Those that sound contrived to suit the importance of the character.) I don’t know if everyone else has that problem.

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