A bunch of stuff, including The Force

Some of this might be a bit spoilerish for the new Star Wars movie. I'll try to be good, but you've been warned.

We've been slugs after all our Christmas merriment. My wife insisted upon the Harry Potter movie marathon yesterday. This completely shuts down any progress I might make.

She can watch television and read a book at the same time. I cannot. When I read or write, I need to isolate myself from other distractions.

I managed a simple transition in my new book, and did a tiny bit of editing. Sometimes, I'll dabble with a short story even with distractions. This usually requires a complete rewrite later, but with short fiction it's not unrealistic.

The short piece isn't quite going the way I want it to. It involves a main character forgetting a bunch of stuff, then trying again. He gathers a sliver more of data every time. It's harder to write than it sounds. It's also a good exercise for me. I'll dabble with it here and there until I am satisfied, or disgusted.

We went to the new Star Wars movie today, and both of us enjoyed it. There is a bit of repetitiveness from the earlier movies, but it's not nearly as bad as Jurassic World in that respect.

Star Wars is trapped by it's own culture, so viewers expect certain things, and deserve to get a taste of those things. Where to divide the new from the old is challenging.

I learned somewhere that a writer should discard the first few ideas. These can be a story concept, but are more likely events and solutions within the story. The reason is to avoid the low hanging fruit.

Star Wars needs The Force, droids, roguish heroes, aliens, and spaceships. I don't know that it needs to destroy a death star for the third time.

Aside from all that, it was a good movie.

I'm looking forward to doing a bit of writing this next weekend. I may work up a look back at 2015, then a business plan for 2016 on the blog.

That's about it. Not productive at all, and I need to be. I feel like I'm wasting time here, and I'm primed to write something.


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21 responses to “A bunch of stuff, including The Force

  1. I was thinking about how Force Awakens is similar to A New Hope. I actually didn’t mind it because it felt almost like a handing off from the old to the new. Kind of like a transition movie where familiar settings and stories are mixed with the new pieces that will continue for the rest of the movies. A combo of nostalgia and freshness maybe? Considering Kylo Ren is practically worshiping Darth Vader (as seen in the trailers and commercials), I wasn’t too surprised.

    Jurassic World was so odd at times. There were times that it was almost mocking the original.

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    • I like that explanation. I think they have a harder time with continuity too. They were smart to go with younger actors if they want to keep this going. I don’t think Disney will make everyone wait between films.


      • I heard they want to release a Star Wars related movie every year. If not the main series then Young Han Solo and a few others that take place in the same universe. People are still wondering if any of the extended universe will be used. There’s a lot of material for them to use.

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      • That has to be tough to serve that big a fan base. The Dr. Who fans have similar things they deal with. Should you move ahead with a new story, or pay homage to the books and comics? I have no answers.

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      • I kind of pity the Dr Who people. Every time they get a new Doctor, they have a flood of negativity.

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      • Some of that happens. I recorded the Christmas special, because I love River Song. It reminded me why I stopped watching it. The sound crew thinks they’re much more important than they are. Dialog is drowned out by sound effects and theatrical music. I miss half the story because I can’t hear it.

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      • I’m noticing that sound effect and music issue on a lot of shows these days. I have to play with the TV settings to make the voices louder.

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      • I think the music over dialogue thing is related to us getting older. I took some college students on a field trip in the jungle one day, and heard a lizard running under some leaves that none of them heard, but the next day I couldn’t pick out my wife’s conversation in a crowded restaurant. A hearing test technician told me this particular problem has nothing to do with our ears as we age, it’s in our brains. Comforting.

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      • I agree, but this show seems to be the only one. Peripheral noise has deafened me for years. A running tap is the worst. Why just this one program?


  2. Ali Isaac

    Know how you feel. All this lack of writing activity gives you time to think, and it’s frustrating not to get any of it down in print.

    I really enjoyed the new Star Wars movie. I loved the original three, didn’t think much at all of the second three, but this one gets back into the mood and feel and spirit of the originals. The plot and some of the acting was weak in places, but on the whole it was fun.

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  3. I haven’t seen the new Star Wars movie. My sons were all into it back in the day. I watched it out of the out of the corner of my eye while trying desperately to keep them from embarrassing in the theater…so I wouldn’t be affected by spoilers. šŸ˜‰

    I still have a house full of family so my time to write, or even be on the computer undistracted is minimal. I had to run somebody off to be able to get to it long enough to check my mail. Argh! But happy to have them here. They don’t get down but once every couple of years.

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  4. I’m itching to write too, but my husband keeps pulling me away, saying, “It’s Christmastime, take some time off.” How many days till New Year’s? LOL

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  5. I managed to squeeze in a few hours of writing yesterday. 2730 words…I did a count in MS Word since it was my first venture at the keyboard in a while. I’m really feeling the pull of my story again since I’ve been away from it for awhile.

    Since you said your comments about Star Wars were semi-spoilerish, I skipped that part of your post. Haven’t seen it yet, but can’t wait. I don’t expect anything to equal the original trilogy, but I hear this one is pretty good.

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  6. I can read while other people watch tv, but I can’t write well while there’s noise of any kind. I miss the quiet a lot this last week, but I know the quiet will return.

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  7. Love the new Star Wars (but then I love the old Star Wars too – I don’t talk about the ‘in-between’ Star Wars though). However, I’m with you on the Death Star thing – it’s all Death Stars with the Dark Side, isn’t it? However, I’m going to see it again as the gorgeous child needed the bathroom right on the spoiler part!

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