Thoughts, Ideas, and stories

My mind seems to be everywhere at once these days. This post is going to be a bunch of random stuff, but it’s good random stuff. Let’s start with a story, a true one.

If a tree falls in the living room, does it make a sound?

Old What’s Her Face* brought home a tree last night. I knew we were going to have problems the minute I stood it up. The outside had been manicured to Christmas perfection. When I crawled underneath to slide it into the corner, I looked up. The trunk looked like a bad bout of scoliosis.

We decorated it with all of our heirloom ornaments, one per family member per year. It looked great.

About 1:00 AM, my wife got up and stormed into the living room. The Christmas tree was down. Ornaments were shattered across the living room floor. We wedged it into the corner and went back to bed.

When I got up, I picked up the pieces. The only broken ones were a store bought set we use to add consistency to our otherwise hodgepodge of ornaments. (Whew!)

We took care to redo everything, added new water, and settled in. It toppled again about an hour ago. We put the ornaments away and chucked it onto the back patio. Old What’s Her Face is off to get us a replacement.

The Hallmark Channel

My wife loves her some Hallmark Channel at Christmas. I watched it from a story structure perspective while slipping my bread into the oven. They use a formula, but it’s a pretty good one.

It occurred to me there is a story in this, but it’s not my story. Feel free to tackle this one if you like it. It’s a couple’s first Christmas together. Decorating the tree reveals different customs. This can reflect in parties, church traditions, caroling, and more. Selfishness can lead to tension. Eventually they will blend customs to form new ones, serving as a relationship metaphor.

A Rock and Roll Writing Prompt

People seem to have a lot of fun with prompts. I never lack for ideas, so I never participate. Still, others enjoy them. I thought it might be fun to host my own, and it’s an interesting idea.

Once upon a time, I told a writer who was stumped for an idea to listen to We Didn’t Start the Fire, by Billy Joel. The Idea is to choose a hero, a setting, and either a cause of action or an antagonist. Just for fun, you can find the lyrics here.

To do this, I would have to write the first one. I came up with:

  • Davy Crockett
  • Belgian Congo
  • Sputnik

That’s too weird for even me. Sorry, I just don’t feel that story. One of you might, and maybe it can become a prompt on your site. Maybe you like a Marilyn Monroe, China, H-Bomb story. It would be hypocritical of me to challenge you and not play along. I have other writing to get to anyway.


My bread is about to come out of the oven, gotta go.


*Entertaining Stories, protecting my wife’s identity since 2013.



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28 responses to “Thoughts, Ideas, and stories

  1. Sorry to hear about the Christmas tree issues. I see places selling them all over the place and wonder about the quality. Do places take them back if they’re crooked like that?

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  2. Give Tibu my love. ( I can never remember her name but I know it has a T a B and an I in it.) Bread is off my menu now for the most part, just millet bread. Have you ever eaten millet? It’s about as tasty as a snow ball.

    Why on earth would you send your wife after another tree? I think you might have needed to supervise.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How frustrating about your tree! And to have it happen twice. I think I’d be so frustrated by that point I’d just make due with a poinsettia. πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The tree grrrr.We have bulbs that we would not want to be destroyed either.

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  5. I’m with your wife. I would definitely have to have a replacement tree, being the Christmas sap that I am (we put up two trees each year). I’m so glad none of the important decorations got broken.

    I tried to jump over to the story-prompt link you posted but it wouldn’t load for me. Have you ever heard of “Story Spinner?” It’s kind of the same idea. I have the actual wheel (spinner) but there’s an online site that serves the same purpose.

    Happy weekend!

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  6. I always appreciate a good writing prompt. You’re lucky never to run out of ideas. I’m surprised that happened to your tree. The Charlie Brown one stood up just fine!

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  7. Sorry about the bum tree. Maybe the woodland critters will make it a cozy home?
    I can’t bear the Hallmark Christmas stuff. Cannot.Bear.
    I had Walter Winchell as my We Didn’t Start the Fire paper my junior year. That’s enough of that prompt for me πŸ˜‰

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  8. Thank God you didn’t lose any cherished ornaments. I’ve heard of bracing an uncooperative tree with string between two points, but unless you can do it without the string showing, it loses that jena se quoi. Love the new disclaimer. LOL

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  9. How annoying! The tree! Last year’s tree fell over and broke one of my fave ornaments. This year it’s wedged firmly in the bucket with rocks! I don’t think it’s going anywhere. Hope your new one is sturdier!

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