Rosie Amber #RBRT Book Awards Are Open

Will O’ the Wisp was nominated for an award, along with some other pretty stiff competition. Voting is open to everyone, and I’d appreciate any support you might offer.

While you’re there, this is a vetted list produced by some prominent book reviewers. It would make a great place to shop for your next book.


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7 responses to “Rosie Amber #RBRT Book Awards Are Open

  1. Done! Hope you win. I loved Will O’ the Wisp.

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  2. Ali Isaac

    Congratulations, Craig! Hopping over to vote now!

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  3. Voted! I loved Wisp so I was happy to lend my vote. Also love how clean and easy it was to vote. A lot of sites make you jump through several hoops, but this one was seamless.

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