Flatline kind of day

It's been one of those kind of days. Nothing too terrible, but nothing all that great either. We had date night tonight, and recorded The Walking Dead. Maybe it will perk things up.

We saw a movie called Victor Frankenstein tonight. It had a lot of promise, but didn't exactly deliver on it. There was some great imagery, but that's about it. Daniel Radcliffe played Igor, and it had kind of a neat spin in that he was part of the project and not a mere servant. You really didn't miss anything if you skipped this one. I love mad science, so I had fun. I just expected a bit more.

It started off a bit reminiscent of the Robert Downey Jr. version of Sherlock Holmes. It might have been better served if it remained on that path.

Dinner was at a new place called Casa del Matador. Service was great, setting was wonderful. The food was passable. Not great, just passable.

Today was the first day since early September with no book sales. Every day for months I've made at least one sale, or had some pages read via Kindle Unlimited. Today there was nothing. This was fairly common over the Summer, but I promoted heavily during the Fall. This is what happens when the promotion stops.

I don't know if I have another big push in me right now. I think one of the best things we can do is write our next book. I'm still editing The Playground, and I'm ready to start drafting my next novel. Maybe that's where I'll focus my effort for the near future.

My wife and I both took tomorrow off. We never made our Thanksgiving trip, but I'm not giving up an approved vacation day either. Maybe tomorrow will be more productive. I have a couple of short stories in mind that I could toy with.


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21 responses to “Flatline kind of day

  1. I’d wondered about Victor Frankenstein and figured I’d wait for it to be on DVD or the TV. Shame because it looked nice. Question about marketing. Do you think that things naturally die down and go into a slumber after a big push? Like everything has to even out somehow.

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    • The movie was okay, but cable might be a better idea. I don’t think it’s a natural ebb and flow. I could keep pushing, buy some advertising etc. I’m letting it ebb. My focus is in a different direction right now. I’ll keep pushing on Twitter about once per day.


      • Think I get it. Reminds me of the FB ‘complaints’ from a while back. A person would do an ad, which would boost the book. Once the ad finished, the FB stats would plummet because people weren’t seeing it. So many saw that doing a constant ad was the only way to stay afloat.

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  2. Ali Isaac

    Ah I just saw the trailer for it last night when I went to see the final Hunger Games movie, and I thought it looked fun, but maybe all the best bits were in the trailer, which means there’s nothing left worth seeing… some movies are like that.

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  3. I was wondering whether to see Victor Frankenstein or not, so I’m glad to get your take on it. I like the two main actors, so maybe I’ll give it a go.

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  4. Sorry to hear you had a rough day. Hope today is better. Love the new wallpaper!

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  5. I’d never even heard of Victor Frankenstein.
    Sorry about passable food. I’d like some (even passable) food right now. Gotta go make some lunch!
    I would tend to agree on getting your next projects going. Look at you, with your body of work, so accomplished!

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  6. I have had a day like that too!


  7. I read a review of that movie in the Wall Street Journal, and whoever wrote it said much the same as you. You’re a good reviewer! Sorry the meal didn’t make up for the so-so movie.

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