My wife is disappointed

We were supposed to drive from Boise, Idaho to St. George, Utah today. We let the weatherman scare us off.

Weather watches and warnings started yesterday afternoon. They ran all night long, and are still running. It appears that one huge winter storm decided to strike the American West last night. It's about 600 miles to St. George, and the storm is that wide. The outline on the weather maps covers our entire driving route.

Neither one of us is a weather wimp, and we've both driven through many winter storms. This doesn't mean I trust the other guy on the road. There are a lot of people in Salt Lake City, and it gets pretty congested under the best of conditions. Add in a huge winter storm, and it could be a nightmare.

Consider slowing down to accommodate the weather, and we could have been facing a twelve hour drive, with white knuckles all the way.

We will have to visit some other time. We can even have a turkey dinner if we want.

My wife made a couple of pumpkin pies, and I have dinner rolls raising right now. We invited ourselves to our son's house for Thanksgiving.

In other news, I finished reading a book I've been picking my way through. I also wrote a bit of micro-fiction, and ordered some new blog art. I put out a clever Twitter post that indicated those stuck in an airport might enjoy my Experimental Notebook. Are today's sales because of that? I have no idea, but it didn't hurt. A bunch of people clicked on it.

I was productive, but my wife is disappointed. I hope all of you are safe and warm, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not.


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28 responses to “My wife is disappointed

  1. Sorry your plans fell through. Fully agree that it’s other drivers who scare me, especially in bad weather. It’s like common sense turns off and people try to outrun the storm.

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  2. I read on Book Bub that more people buy books on holidays than any other days of the year. Strange, huh? That could account for your increase in sales. I’ve been promoting all day (not my fav thing to do), but I’m seeing results too, so I guess it’s true. Who knew?

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  3. Safe and warm here sir. I think better safe than sorry covers your situation.

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  4. Here’s to a happy regardless.

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  5. Well that is just too bad. Better to be safe and stay home. Enjoy your day! 😀

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  6. Sorry the storm messed up your plans but better safe than sorry, right? It’s always the other drivers you need to worry about…you can make Thanksgiving anywhere, so Happy Thanksgiving!

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  7. I am sorry you can’t travel but everything happens for a reason! Hugs to your wife! ❤

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  8. Salt Lake valley is too busy, and the weather matters a lot because it is an open space. Hope you enjoy Thanksgiving where you are.

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  9. Hope you still had a good Thanksgiving!

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  10. Ali Isaac

    Sounds like a good call… better safe than sorry. Happy Thanksgiving anyway! Hope you have a lovely time with your son.

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