Looking out my window

I work in downtown Boise, Idaho. I’m fortunate to have an office alongside a small stream. There is an abundance of wildlife in Boise.

Over the years, we’ve had raccoons, foxes, coyotes, and abundant wildlife. When I can, I try to snap a quick photo, but they are usually too fast for me. (particularly the foxes)

There was a mink playing in the snow outside my window last winter. I was so fascinated I never even reached for my phone. Oops. The beavers and muskrats wind up being a blip in the stream on a photo.

I have a few shots of the wood ducks and geese. The weeds are tall along the stream right now, but that will change after the first big snow. We get many blue herons and kingfishers. I have one photo of a white mallard drake that flew in with a group of the normal version. He even had the curly tail feathers to indicate his being a male.

Yesterday a big mule deer buck walked up and looked in my window at me. I slowly reached for my iPhone but he wasn’t posing. He took off, but wasn’t quite quick enough. While this isn’t the view I had originally, it’s good enough to share. Nice big antlers on him, and he looks very healthy. He cleared a six foot fence like it was nothing just outside this frame.


I’m sure he’s on the search for does this time of year. I see them all the time, but he was a rare treat. I even saw a whitetail doe in the parking lot one day.


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41 responses to “Looking out my window

  1. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful view! I work in Philadelphia, and my office has a “lovely” view of just another office building (with a trash alley between us!).

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  2. Ali Isaac

    Wow what a magnificent creature! How lucky you are! I am so envious of you.

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  3. I sooo want your office window. I work from home… in my basement. I feel like a mushroom most of the time.

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  4. Wow, that really is a big buck! The only deer we see around here are does and fawns. Obviously, the bucks have to be around somewhere (or no fawns haha), but they stay well hidden.

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    • Boise also get elk less commonly, and at least one moose and bear every spring. They captured a mountain lion under a dumpster at the BSU stadium last year. All locations are within walking distance from my office.

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      • Ok…I like living outside the city, but mountain lions and bears within walking distance is a bit too much for me! lol We have to be careful not to let the dog out alone at night because pets tend to get carried away by coyotes, but those are about the most dangerous predators we have locally. Would love to see a moose or elk sometime though!

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      • It’s kind of funny. It was the same moose two years in a row. They tagged her and flew her to the backwoods, but she came back.

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  5. That view sounds it would be worth coming into work every day. Chuckling at the thought of looking at the window and seeing a deer staring back. Any animals ever come in through an open window?

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  6. Downtown? I wanna live there!!!!

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  7. That’s an amazing view you’ve got, especially with the stream. Love the photo. My office is surrounded by fields, so we usually get a few deer every year strolling by, along with assorted smaller creatures. I’ve got a window with a pretty view, but nowhere near as lovely as yours!

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  8. You are lucky! I live in Phoenix and the only wildlife I get to see are the Mexicans living across the street. Their parties get pretty wild.

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  9. Beautiful Buck! I don’t have any pretty window views to look out when I’m writing, but I do step out on the lanai and get a glimpse of waterfowl now and again in our little tropical oasis. Once had a turkey come over the privacy fence. Have no clue where he came from considering I’m downtown Orlando.

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  10. Nice! My neighbor Jim has lived here since the 50s and he says he’s only seen deer in my back 40 a few times. We see them all the time in denser wooded areas, but we’re too far into the city to see them on the regular.

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  11. Nice view. That deer looks healthy.

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  12. Looks like an eight or ten point buck! I wouldn’t want to get in his way when he’s rutting. 😀 I’m like you: I never remember to grab the camera when cool wildlife come around.

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  13. I’ve only seen one blue heron in my yard, and he was awesome! Those legs are the funniest things. He was making a meal out of my frogs in the pond. Not cool. My friend who lives across the dirt road has three mallard ducks (2 girls, 1 boy) and you’re right about the tail feathers. I just learned that over the summer. Let me tell you, the quacking gets loud, but it’s so funny. I’ll be writing a tense scene and hear “QUACK! (X3)” and start giggling. So cute! Can you try and capture a blue heron for me? Mine came out as a blur because I waited too long. Love those funny-looking birds.


  14. Recently moved from Miami, Florida to Greensboro, North Carolina. All I see out the window are friggin leaves. Leaves, leaves, leaves. If you look out from a different window all you still see are leaves, leaves and more leaves.

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