Interview with Author Charles E Yallowitz

Sacha Black

Charles E YallowitzMy author interviews are drawing to a close, we have less than a month left of these posts and I’m not sure yet what I will do about replacing them. But, to this week, I am thrilled to have Charles E Yallowitz as my author interview. Charles is a huge supporter of fellow authors, please do go check him out. You can find him on his blog: Legends of Windermere, his website Charles E. Yallowitz, his amazon author page Amazon Author Page, Facebook and finally Twitter.

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2 responses to “Interview with Author Charles E Yallowitz

  1. Charles deserves this. He does so much sharing, as do you. Sometimes I wish I had the audience for it, but I think they’d all unsubscribe. 🙂 Ah, well, I can to do my part by sharing, anyway. Off to read the rest, then I’ll be back to read your latest.

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