Review: The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack

A little more love for Experimental Notebook. Stop by Planetary Defense Command and check his site out while you’re there.

Planetary Defense Command

Experimental Notebook 750The Experimental Notebook
of C. S. Boyack

Royal CrownRoyal CrownRoyal CrownRoyal Crown

Four Royal Crowns
(4 out of 4 rating)

I had trouble reviewing this collection of 12 short stories. Deciding on a rating was easy — I enjoy short-format stories, and was totally immersed in 9 of the 12. My problem was what to write about each of them– my two choices seemed to be completely spoiling them, or writing something too vague to be helpful. I suspect I may have over-achieved, and done both.

I’d categorize the collection’s stories as two science fiction, four fantasy, one superhero, one urban fantasy, and four horror, although the urban fantasy/horror distinction was a tough call. Things which appeared in the stories: An ogre, a robot, a dragon, a ghost pilot, a plane crash, corpses, a few murderers, clones, a skull, and a snail.

I read this on my kindle (no page numbers), so I could be…

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