I believe in original content

I've been re-blogging a lot lately, and that is going to continue for a while. Will O' the Wisp is still on its blog tour, plus a few folks surprised me with nice posts about my Experimental Notebook.

It's the least I can do to support those who supported me. Besides, maybe one of you will discover a cool new blog to follow.

Still, you keep coming here for original content. This is mostly an update post. I had to pay attention to real world issues this weekend. I managed to cover all the bills while changing a handful of light bulbs and smoke detector batteries. Glamorous stuff to be sure. I also had to replace batteries in my Mac trackpad.

As far as the promotions go, Notebook is doing well. I'm hoping Wisp will make some strides as the tour continues and Halloween approaches.

I have to say, my regulars have been incredible. Some of you have stopped by everywhere, and left comments. I thrive on comments. Many of you shared these posts on various social media too. What did I do to deserve such good friends? With my regulars supporting me, it almost looks like we could spike a blogger's stats for a day. I must remember to be as supportive as my regulars are.

I've been invited to be a guest on something called blog talk radio in November. I really have no idea what it involves, but it looks like we'll be chatting about Will O' the Wisp. I'm excited and terrified all at once. I'm not worried about talking, it's the software that has me concerned.

I managed to touch base with the publicist via email. She has some neat ideas, and I do too. Sounds like we may go to lunch in November. I haven't spent any money yet, but it could happen.

I've also been watching a lot of baseball. It's mostly been the American League on television, but it's better than no baseball at all. It was fun watching R. A. Dickey throw his knuckleball today.

I've always been a National League kind of guy, but I really don't have a team in the playoffs. I used to like everyone in the NL West, but I can't stomach the Dodgers these days. They became a bunch of jerks several years ago. Their Diamondbacks pool party sealed the deal for me, and a shit play against the Mets this week made it permanent. I've fallen into that old pattern of whoever is playing the Dodgers is my favorite team.

I've been toying with the idea of a writing tip sort of post. There are other writers out there who probably have more street credit, but I may write it anyway. If I do it, I'll probably post it Wednesday.

Have a good evening everyone, and go anyone who faces the Dodgers.


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18 responses to “I believe in original content

  1. I wish you the best of luck on Will O the Wisp, CS. 🙂

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  2. Don’t know anything about baseball, so I have to ask: What’s the Diamondbacks pool party?

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  3. (Weird Internet glitch and crash.) The November radio interview sounds really cool. The radio and video interviews are always a lot of fun because you get a lot of back and forth. Looking forward to the writing tip post. Every author has his/her own advice to give.

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  4. Best of luck on your tour!

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  5. Wow, how cool about the radio thing! Be sure to share the details when it’s available. And a tip sheet sounds cool. No matter how experienced we are as writers, I think each of us as something unique to share.

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  6. I’m always interested in writer tips. Anything to help make the process flow smoothly.

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  7. Hi – Blog Talk Radio’s great – all you need to do is phone the number you’ll be given and then it’s just like chatting to a friend (doesn’t matter if you use a landline or cell phone either! 😉 )
    Wishing you well with Will O’ the Wisp – I’ve finished the Experimental Notebook and will get around to reviewing very soon – afraid my review schedule’s in a similarly ‘clogged’ state as my TBR list! 🙂

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    • Whew, thanks for the input on the radio show. I thought I might need to be on some website at the same time to take questions or something. Thanks for taking a chance on my experiments. Those TBR lists can get out of control.


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