The game goes on

My micro-fiction event, called Macabre Macaroni is starting tomorrow. This was really popular last year, and I debated whether to do it again, or not. Reader comments convinced me.

I’m a bit slow on the uptake at times. Having just released The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack, this winds up being a good promotional opportunity. The book is a collection of short stories and micro-fiction, and Macabre Macaroni might bait a few people into taking a chance on the book.

I should point out that these are all brand new stories. They are not merely excerpts from the book.

Sadly, the event will not be all I hoped it would. I invited people to send some art to post with my stories. This wasn’t just a quest for some free art, I assumed having contact information might be beneficial to the artist.

Quite a few people offer cover art services, and this would have been a decent opportunity to promote those wares. Even a pre made cover, emblazoned with “Macabre Macaroni” and telling authors where they could buy it or something similar… Maybe.

I made two posts inviting artists, and didn’t receive a single piece of art. The stories will still post, and I think they’re pretty good. I even invited some children to send something in. They like watching the comments and stats. As part of this, I said they wouldn’t be adult themed. There is one story with slightly more of an adult theme, and I feel no obligation not to post it now.

I hope everyone has fun with the stories. I’m still stuck in Sun Valley, and I have to go with the flow a bit. I may have to pre-schedule my story tonight and let the magic of the blogging system post it for me. I’ll check in for comments as often as I can.


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14 responses to “The game goes on

  1. Sorry no one offered art. You want me to make you some child-like pics in Paint? Lol, just kiddin šŸ˜‰
    I’m looking forward to your Macabre Macaroni!

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  2. I’ve tried that art request too and rarely got responses. Not sure why, but it was worth a shot. Sure the stories will be great. Looking forward to it.


  3. It is disappointing when you offer something out, thinking it will be a two way thing, i.e. helps them and helps you, win-win, but nobody bites! I’ve had that recently with something (not on the blog). Never mind, I’m sure it will still be a good story series!

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  4. I don’t know but just the name Macabre Macaroni peaks my curiosity. Sounds like something my children ate part of and then left out for days.

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  5. Ali Isaac

    Looking forward to this years MM event! Shame you didnt get any art. Scheduling works pretty well at WP I find. Dont you work too hard! šŸ˜Š

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  6. Sorry you didn’t have an artist’s take on the invitation, but I’m looking forward to the stories. And I write all my posts ahead of time and use WP’s scheduling feature. It’s great!

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  7. Since I’m not an artist I couldn’t send in something that would be downright horrible. Sorry, you didn’t get any submissions. Too bad that $50,000 endowment will go to another artist some other time.

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